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The Kills perform sold out show at The Vic Theater in Chicago Review

The Kills perform sold out show at The Vic Theater in Chicago


The Kills are an indie rock band formed by American singer Alison Mosshart ("VV") and British guitarist Jamie Hince ("Hotel"). They performed a sold out show at The Vic Theater on Monday, December 9th in Chicago. Their first three albums, Keep On Your Mean Side, No Wow, and Midnight Boom, have garnered much critical praise. Blood Pressures, their fourth and most recent studio album, was released on April 4, 2011, worldwide and April 5, 2011, in the United States. Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart played songs from their Blood Pressures record amongst some of their most beloved classics. The album found The Kills delivering their vivid and uniquely gritty post-blues, but with a new level of thoughtfulness and depth not yet explored by the duo. Tinged with wistfulness and vulnerability, Blood Pressures has an enduring sense of intricacy and richness that intensely blends with their ever-compelling songwriting.

The Kills perform sold out show at The Vic Theater in Chicago
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A leopard print background slowly descended as The Kills came on stage. Hince determinedly sauntered to one end of the stage while Mossheart slinked to the other. The Kills have a stage presence like no other. Hince rocked back and forth as he methodically played his guitar, one point shredding his guitar with Mossheart's mic stand. His movements were vicious while playing "Fried My Little Brains," where Hince stood over the crowd virtually attacking the audience with his amazing guitar work. Mossheart was the most active on stage, seductively strutting from end to end. One moment she would be playing guitar by Hince's side, then move over to the keyboards; all the while belting out songs in her sultry voice.

The setlist spanned their career with old favorites such as "Keep on Your Mean Side" played with a furious intensity. "Monkey 23" in particular felt completely new and fresh after all these years. "Black Balloon," their modern cover of the blues standard "44 Blues," off of Midnight Boom captured The Kills in a very iconic moment. Their wire thin bodies were bathed in a bright pink light; the leopard print background flashing various colors across it's screen. "Sour Cherry," the final song of the night, really turned the Vic on its head. The audience jumped and hollered, moving with every frantic beat of the song. Like any great performance, The Kills left the Vic with the crowd wanting more.


1. No Wow 

2. Future Starts Slow 

3. Heart Is a Beating Drum 

4. Kissy Kissy 

5. Satellite 

6. DNA 

7. Baby Says 

8. Tape Song 

9. Black Balloon 

10. Last Day of Magic 

11. Pots and Pans 

12. Monkey 23 

13. The Last Goodbye 

14. Fried My Little Brains 

15. Sour Cherry

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The Vic Theater is located at 3145 N. Sheffield in Chicago. For more information, please call (773) 472-0449 or visit online at

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