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The Jungle - Wild Things EP Review

The Jungle - Wild Things
The Jungle - Wild Things
The Jungle

The Jungle - Wild Things EP


Receiving inspiration from James Brown and Upton Sinclair's The Jungle, the group - The Jungle - offers captivating rhythms on their funk-electric hybrid EP, Wild Things. From the overflowing ambient melodies to the harmonized vocals, lovers of chill electronic and soul will find the four tracks emanating musical ingenuity and energetic inspiration.

"Horizon" is a jazz fusion filled vibe with band members, Troy Jagan, Dave Schurman and Josh "Beatstock" Orion, instrumentation providing a moving ambiance, while "Paradise" is abundantly packed with drums and synths, percussion and Jagan's vocals cascading throughout. It's essence is otherworldly and definitively expresses the band's take on electronic music and what they are capable of producing.

"Firewalk" offers heavy rhythms and gives the listener the feeling as if they are indeed in the jungle, with its lounge feel and combination of percussion and keyboard effects. "Black Rose," the last cut on the EP sounds as if it could be used to rap over with its hard-hitting, funk driven cadence.

The Jungle's start began when Troy Jagan moved from Sacramento to Seattle to immerse himself in the electronic music scene. Yearning to do something different from what had been done before, Jagan along with Schurman and Orion, started the band with the hopes of redefining, revamping and perfecting the electronic music genre. Taking their cue from the original godfather of soul, James Brown, Jagan adds that "James is Funk. We want to bring people that same energy because as long as we’re committed to the sound, James and funk will never die."

With these four Wild Things, the band gives a glimpse into how they are impacting the genre already and how they fit into the electronic funk puzzle. There is something about the Jungle that will leave you speechless upon first listen - and not too many bands leave that impression the minute their songs are played.

Final Grade: A

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