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'The Jungle' DVD Review

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'The Jungle'


Larry Black (Rupert Reid) is searching for the elusive Javan Leopard. He travels deep into the Indonesian jungle. As his team goes deeper into the jungle the guides become very terrified. The story is told of a forest demon, a werewolf like creature that few have ever reported seeing. The deeper and deeper they travel the feeling of them searching for an animal is one of them being the ones stalked. You know they were almost ready for anything when witnessing all the equipment being laid out from the very beginning of the journey. Larry's wife was right to feel nervous because what they were about to find out there was going to be an adventure of a lifetime, if they live that long.

This film is Director Andrew Traucki's third in his series of films including 'The Reef' and 'Black Water'. Some call it his "trilogy of terror". The horror of the Forest Demon almost would make a person think of turning back and not continuing into the unknown. Some people like Larry just can't seem to think that there are some things we just don't risk, our lives being one of them.

Eone is bringing this DVD of horror to our homes June 24, 2014. The quality of visual and sound help to bring this thriller to a point where you are on the edge of your seat. Traucki's use of dangling suspense throughout the movie allows the viewer to become interested in small doses of horror until he has you hooked. This is a DVD that surely needs to be in your library. So take the time and be frightened beyond belief.