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The Judas Gospel, by Bill Myers

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..., a supernatural fantasy of second chances where “despite his betrayal of Jesus, Judas…” asks for a second chance and God’s p


James Caviezel, native of Mount Vernon, WA, refers to Judas when he says, “You betray the Son of Man with a kiss." Myers, in his latest thriller, asks God for permission to prove God wrong.


The Judas Gospel, by Bill Myers, Howard Books, June 2011, 320 Pages, ISBN-13: 978-1439153543, $14.99

“You could have ruled the world,” Judas challenged, forced to his knees by God’s glory. “Let me return to earth…show You what You could have been…Hasn’t that always been your favorite method of teaching? Letting us have our way until we wind up proving…” You were right all along.

“When would you like to begin?”

“And that’s how it started—how He gave me (Judas) the opportunity to prove to Him, to you, and to all of creation, what could have been…”

Thus begins The Judas Gospel, a supernatural fantasy of second chances where “despite his betrayal of Jesus, Judas…” asks for a second chance and God’s permission to prove Him wrong. With a slogan of “expect God’s best,” a serial killer, his victims, a detective, a young prophetess and her father, the author delivers a suspenseful thriller while he explores “what happens when commerce mixes with the Gospel.”

The story begins with Rachael’s terrifying dreams of a serial predator who stalks her with horrific dreams of his victim’s slaughter. Besides terrifying, the dreams confuse her because of the message in crimson lipstick scrawled across the bathroom mirrors—Tell Them!”

What was she supposed to tell and to whom.

Then the miracles began.

“Your daughter healed my baby! Praise Jesus, it’s a miracle!” screamed Sarah Johnson to Rachel’s father, Reverend Delacroix. Father and daughter could only stare in fright and disbelief as “all signs of the cleft palate and its botched surgery disappeared.”

Add multiple murders, a sociopath, a widowed father, his son, romance, demon possession and power struggles and you have a story of simple faith, revelation and redemption set against the backdrop of spirituality, evil and commercialism.

Fast-paced and thought-provoking, Myer’s captivating thriller takes readers on a gripping journey that asks if Jesus has been turned into a commercial commodity. Has the business of church become “big business?” Is filling church coffers more important than hearing the salvation message? Has political correctness diluted the real church message—Jesus Christ?

Myer’s, well-known national and international writer, takes readers into the world of “what if” with authentic, believable characters and plot. Besides his captivating concept, the underlying message—“God is only interested in you”—not bigger, not better, not groups, clubs or religion, just you, lingers long after the last page is turned.

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