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The jojoba debate, Trader Joes, NOW, or Desert Essence

Trader Joe's 100% Pure Jojoba Oil
Trader Joe's 100% Pure Jojoba Oil
Trader Joe's 100% Pure Jojoba Oil

Dessert Essence Jojoba Oil


Jojoba oil, in and of itself, is really no longer a debate, it is now being used in many products from hair to skin. I've been using it for a few years now, and my only debate is which brand I like best, Trader Joes, NOW, or Desert Essence.

For how I got hooked on Jojoba Oil, and a fun read, go here:

Originally I used NOW naturals Jojoba oil (see link above), which lasted me one year with daily use mixed in with my morning Cerave moisturizer on my face, and mixed with my Vaseline body lotion, on my body.

After moving from the coast to a new climate and city, and no longer living near a Whole Foods, I ran out. The debate, drive an hour round trip plus shopping time to get another bottle of that brand, from the nearest Whole Foods, or purchase it online (messy), or try Trader Joe's Jojoba Oil for around $8 and no hassle. In reality there was no debate, as Trader Joe's has a great return policy and is a couple blocks away.

Trader Joe's Jojoba:

The biggest problem with Trader Joes jojoba is the packaging, it leaks, when left in the bathroom the hot and cold temperatures cause the bottle to expand and contract, thus resulting in half my counter being covered in jojoba oil. Fairly gross if you have a guest and they think it's due to you being filthy, when in reality you just cleaned a couple days ago and the shower did it...

This oil counter situation can be remedied if I would have just moved it out of the bathroom and onto my makeup area, but that wouldn't be convenient to getting the moisturizer and oil onto my face within 60 seconds of cleansing, it would be too much work, so I never did that. However, most oil bottles tend to leak, at the very least when traveling. If you ever have to travel with a Trader Joe's jojoba lock that baby up in a ziplock, and zip it tight.

If you leave it in the bathroom, which I do, while you shower the bottle will expand and contract causing some oil residue to gradually leak out, and make a mess on your counter.

On the positive side, it's great for giving a massage, though it is an expensive oil to use for an entire body. As far as breakouts go, I didn't notice that it caused any breakouts until I switched oils, and the breakouts I was getting lessened a lot, I believe this jojoba oil contributed to them.

It also didn't do much in the way of moisturizing for my skin when mixed with my body lotion, for some reason it didn't play well with a lot of other lotions/creams, the consistency is too thick and independent. It's not as moisturizing or as smooth of a consistency as the other two brands. Trader Joe's jojoba lasted me about 1 year when used only on my face.

NOW Jojoba: It can break you out if you use too much. It's a great moisturizer when used sparingly, and mixes well with most lotions, it also works well as a massage oil, though expensive to use as a consistant whole body massage oil.

Desert Essence Jojoba Oil: Once I ran out of Trader Joe's Jojoba I decided to break down and make the trip to Whole Foods as I wasn't satisfied with the quality of the Trader Joe's Jojoba oil, and try Desert Essence Jojoba Oil. After hearing rave reviews, which I thought had to be fake because nothing could be that great, over the last few years I finally decided to give it a try. 3 weeks into using it, and it is the best jojoba out of the three brands. It moisturizes, doesn't clog pores, works well under makeup, works well in the Southern California heat, and plays nice with all of the other moisturizers I've tried it with. I also haven't had to worry if I mixed too much of the product with my Cerave, as it doesn't cause me breakouts and from what I've read by other people, they have a similar experiance.

After testing the three jojoba oil brands, I've come to the conclusion that all three brands will work, though they work best in this order:

1) Desert Essence

2) NOW Naturals

3) Trader Joe's

After my few year long experiment with jojoba oil, I am a Desert Essence Jojoba oil convert, and highly recommend this brand to anyone new to the jojoba world who is looking to integrate it into their facial skincare regimen, as well as their body moisturi-zation, as it is cost effective, mixable, works well with most of your current beauty products, and works with our incredibly intense Southern California heat.

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