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The Jinxes Are Creating Indie Pop Magic

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The Jinxes' We Create


The Jinxes are a hypnotic indie pop duo from Monterey Bay. Singer/songwriters Deanna Ross and Kevin Smith's EP, We Create, is an enchanting collage of songs that are full of catchy sounds, refreshing and soothing lyrics and will undoubtedly keep the listener entertained.

"My Butterfly," begins the five track EP, and offers a metaphoric account of a events taking place between what can be interpreted as a mother and daughter. The song is rewarding, offering a twinkly sound with Deanna's distinctive voice breathing life into the lyrics. "The Situation," will have the listener tapping their feet as it cascades across the speakers. Fast driven and tuneful, its sound is euphonious and borders on a mix between seasoned alternative and cultivated folk. "Can You Heart It Ring?" finds a sonic sound more reminiscent of much of the fare that results from singer/songwriter recordings, as of late. The element that is unique to The Jinxes, however, is there uncanny ability to make the listener wants to experience the lyrics that they have penned as well as the sounds that are interspersed around them.

"We Create," saunters into the EP as one of the softer and gentler tracks. Kevin's vocals fit the piece nicely as they wrap around the tablet instruments, and percussion. "Which Way Do We Go Now?" seems as if it would be perfect for a car commercial, or a road-trip. The Jinxes' fashioned the song in such a way that one cannot help but smile when they hear it picturing the two engaging audiences with their infectious vibe.

We Create is a perfect example of giddy excitement about music meeting simplistic, yet ingenious craftsmanship. This particular project will be unveiled to the public on April 2 and is their second crowd-funded offering. If music lovers are unfamiliar with the Jinxes, they will definitely know who they are after listening to this collection of inventive indie pop.

Final Grade: A

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