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The Jalapeno Double at McDonald's: Worth All 200 Pennies

McDonald's Jalapeno Double


McDonald’s has been trying and failing to liven up their menu for the last year and a half. Jack in the Box and Carl’s Jr. (Hardee’s for Southerners) have been dominating the seasonal and new menu item game in the fast food industry and McDonald’s sales with younger demographics have been waning expectedly. Since McDonald’s is always focusing advertising on the young adult demographic this has been especially hard on their business plan. Luckily the tide has finally turned for Mcdonald’s.

Mickey D’s has done something right: the Jalapeno Double. It’s a two dollar burger that’s original and tasty and appropriately advertised. The Jalapeno Double features two small patties, a slice of white cheddar cheese, pickled jalapeno slices, fried jalapeno chips, and ranch dressing. The Jalapeno Double is part of the new Dollar and More menu their attempting to use to compete with Jack in the Box and Carl’s Jr. mid range priced products.

Here’s the rundown:

Patties: these are the small patties from the regular McDouble. There’s nothing gourmet or tasty, but that’s why the burger is two dollars. They get the job done just like they’re expected to do.

White Cheddar Cheese: McDonald’s is always making bold cheese statements. This is one of the boldest. This tastes like a blander american cheese without the orange food coloring. Don’t expect anything else. Celebrate the gooey melting of McDonald’s. Don’t expect any flavor in the cheese.

Pickled Jalapenos: These actually have all of the flavor and spice of your gas station/baseball game/movie theatre nacho jalapenos. Great flavor however very thinly sliced.

Fried Jalapeno Chips: These are as crunchy as a thick potato chip an add a great texture and crispness to the usual mushy McDonald’s experience. This is what makes this burger worth the extra dollar. In fact, it makes the burger worth an extra $1.35, so it’s a killer deal.

Ranch Dressing: This is also awesome. The burger is really spicy and the ranch doesn’t even help cool it off. What it does is add ranch flavor without being overly creamy and rich. It’s a warm watery ranch that tastes way better than that sounds. The ranch on this burger is more of an appropriately thinned burger sauce rather than a dipping sauce or a salad dressing.

Protip: If you want some extra spiciness, order Spicy Habanero dipping sauce either on the side or right on the burger. You also may want to take off the ranch as the combination wouldn’t be ideal. This will cost you nothing if you substitute it with the ranch and only thirty five cents extra if you keep the ranch. You can also add bacon for whatever your local McDonald’s extra bacon charge is (it varies by location) and another patty to make this a giant burger worthy of the $4.50 or so you’ll end up spending. Along with this new burger, you can also now add jalapenos to everything at McDonald’s for thirty five cents. Go ahead and spice up your regular quarter pounder or big mac if you're looking to change things up.

Overall: a Great $2 addition to a meal or a $2 snack for the road. Get a coke with this one because it’s actually spicy. Not fast food spicy. Real spicy.

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