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The Ittle Dew Review: A Link to the Past

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Ittle Dew


Ittle Dew is a close resemblance of The Legend of Zelda. It is basically a love letter that is being addressed to A link to the Past. The game has been developed by Ludosity, a Swedish studio, and the cartoon art style has adapted The Wind Waker style. It is an adventure game that has a nice soundtrack and a remarkable sense of humour.

It is a game that involves extra challenging puzzles, and a game world that is super addictive. It is among the best designed download games available on the Ouya. It is also a versatile game as it will suit both an amateur and an expert in Zelda. The animation style of the game is a redolent of the Yoshi’s Island, there are also adorable, cartoon characters that are rounded, resembling the Costume Quest and Wind Waker.


It is an adventure game that comes in 2D that mainly focus on exploration and puzzles. You will be playing as a the Bumptious Ittle Dew, who is stranded on a magical island with Tippsie. Tippsie is a fairy fox buddy who gives Dew tips throughout. Ittle is in a green shirt and has a blonde hair, whereas Tippsie an alcoholic fox, a version of the flying helper of Link.

Illte is expected to convince a mysterious pirate (Itan), who is the owner of the item shop, in order to escape the island. Itan has a boat, which he uses as a hat, and Ittle needs to convince Itan in order to build her raft with the boat. Ittle must recover the Articaft from the Castle prior to Itan deciding to build a raft.

There are two screens, the main and secondary. The Main displays the gameplay while the secondary shows the map of the level that you are on. You will also be able to view the number of treasure chest that you have collected in that level, on the secondary screen. By this, you will ensure that you have collected all the bonuses. The Ouya controller works great and is a super compliment to the game itself.

Ittle Dew is expected to be close enough to the enemies in order to attack them. The enemies will go around the room in a slightly random manner. This makes it difficult to know where they will follow next as they will not go through the same pattern more than once. However, the death penalty in this game is not that harsh, but is still disappointing.

The Game will take you less than 5 hours to complete it entirely, but in between, you will find a number of replays. On the expert level, you will be able to sequence breakings, use various ways to get to the boss faster or branch the paths. The boss will speak in Swedish, but there will be an English translation.


The game is easy to control as you will use the D-pad or a control stick to move the character in relevant directions. All the four face buttons have their specific abilities that you will select the action that you wish to control. If you need any hint from Tippsie, you will press the L button. The L button will also guide you on how you can make it to a different room. The hints guide one who is less experienced, but they will not make the game easier.


This game is a top notch puzzle/adventure game that will be loved by the fans of Zelda. You will get enough charm and wit, even if you might not be a Hyrule enthusiast. There are also great soundtracks that come along when you play, however, the combat mechanism is slightly average. In addition, you will experience some technical issues as you play throughout the game. Despite that, you will still enjoy the game all through, Ittle Dew is among the most intelligent and well developed characters on the Ouya. This is another must have game for the Ouya and well worth the purchase.

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