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The Isleys give a double dose of classics

In 1979, this was the only Isley Brothers double album will all new songs.
In 1979, this was the only Isley Brothers double album will all new songs.
Original Cover: T-Neck/CBS Records

Record album by The Isley Brothers: Winner Takes All (1979)


Here’s why this album should be in your collection!

Several facts show why Winner Takes All (1979) by The Isley Brothers is a collector’s item. One fact is that it was the only double album they had released (on vinyl) by that time with all new songs.

Another fact is known by serious Isley Brothers fans: Rudolph Isley signs lead on the Top 20 UK hit, “It’s a Disco Night (Rock Don’t Stop).” The album’s other uptempo hit, “I Wanna Be With You” soared to #1 on USA R&B charts. Songs like “(Can’t You See) What You Do To Me?” and “Go For What You Know” became selective fan favorites.

Another fact is that the album’s vinyl version contains an entire side of classics from the Isley strong suit: ballads. You’ll listen to “Let’s Fall In Love,” “How Lucky I am,” and the co-joined classics, “You’re The Key to My Heart” and “You’re Beside Me,” over and over again.

Yet another fact is that the album contains an underrated gem that marvelously mixes the brothers’ vocals: “Let Me In Your Life.”

The most important fact is that the ballads were never released as singles. They are available together only on this album, in vinyl, CD, and MP3 format from major vendors. Please consider purchasing it from a local independent record store.

Here’s an interesting fact!

Serious Isley fans know Ronald’s older brothers sang solo lead on many songs. O’Kelly drove “Let Me Down Easy” to the top of R&B charts.