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The Impractical Jokers tear the roof off the Majestic Theatre

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On Friday February 7th, The Tenderloins aka truTV’s Impractical Jokers, Q, Mur, Joe and Sal invaded The Majestic Theatre with their Impractical Jokers Live! Tour to a sold-out crowd.

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While we all know the TV show, but unless you have seen their live show you may be wondering what could they possibly bring to the stage besides the same old rehash of the show and you would be wrong. This was easily one of the most entertaining shows in some time. Before the show kicked off they had music playing, the drinks were flowing and fans were pouring in finding their seats and purchasing memorabilia from the jokers all setting the tone of the experience that was about to kick off.

Before the boys came out they had a comedian who also happens to be a writer on the show come out to some material and warm up the audience. This guy was really funny and delivered some great material that worked perfectly to introducing the Jokers themselves who came out to a roaring applause. As if them being there live wasn’t already enough of a reason to stay for the show, Mur came out dressed in full cowboy get up complete with boots, tight jeans, western shirt, cowboy hat and a rope. After the rest of the group ragged on him for a bit for his look they got right into the fun weaving numerous stories of their lives on the road and the Impractical Jokers show itself including showing the original video they shot to pitch the show that was really funny. These guys clearly have a lot of fun on stage together and it shines through in their performance as they just kept spewing out stories and riffing on each other non-stop that never really felt so much like a show, but instead at times like the audience was just listening to them shoot the crap. There is even a moment where a bit is messed up and they break the rhythm to fight about it making that much more entertaining. Now this could have been a part of the bit itself, but either way it worked perfectly.

As the show moved along they would randomly step away from their normal routine to harass a security person that was standing close to the stage that was clearly not amused with their show. Q made it a personal quest to break this young lady and after numerous attempts finally succeeded a couple of times, but never to the extent he had hoped. AS apart of the show they also take on elements of the TV series bringing up rejected ideas for the series and taking on one of them and taking fans into the extended live version of it using a young man in the audience having to explain sexual body parts to his mother with embarrassing results. This was one of those shows that was a non-stop laugh riot that will be one that will hopefully come back through the Dallas area soon. As if they hadn’t already delivered an amazing show they ended it with one final video showcasing Mur tackling a bet that involved dog poo that had to be seen to believe.

As the show came to a close they delivered a heartfelt thanks to the audience that you could just feel the passion and love for what they do that made the show all the better. Not to leave the audience feeling like things just ended the music kicked on and the boys led the crowd who joined in singing Thank You For Being A Friend that was a perfect ending to hanging out with these child hood friends who have now welcomed you into the crew.

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