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The Immortals tanked



This movie was a joke and not even a funny one. It was pretty noticeable that it came from the same people who made 300 - similar fight scenes, similar battle tactics, similar camera work, similar special effects. The biggest difference is how completely awesome and moving 300 was and what a dud The Immortals is.

Again the makers have taken a pinch of facts and woven fiction closely around them. However, the fiction here distorts what few facts were taken until they no longer have any semblance to the truth. There were twelve Olympian gods and goddesses but they only bring out six here and then portray them in a ridiculous manner. Those helmets and clothes were absurd. What was the costume design team thinking? The actors didn’t command the awe and majesty that gods should have either; instead they seemed flimsy and puny - like children trying to act like battle-hardened, wise kings. Only Athena was worth anything and she seemed more appropriate for the role of a warrior princess rather than the goddess of war.

The Titans were monstrosities and, although a multitude were killed and there were only a certain number shown to the audience, they seemed endless. The battles lacked originality and excitement, even the final climactic battle. Theseus’ “armor” was also laughable in its flimsiness.

All in all the movie was a complete waste of time and a total letdown. Seriously not worth the money to rent. If you want a movie with Greek mythology in it, try the remake of Clash of the Titans or even Percy Jackson. Neither are perfect and both can be disappointing with various details but both are leagues better than this drivel. If you want good fighting, awe-inspiring graphics and speeches, and an Ancient Greece setting then go for 300.

The Immortals gets a severely disappointed 1 out of 5 stars.