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The Hungry Nomad Truck

The Hungry Nomad Truck hits the streets in October of 2010 providing Middle Eastern Cuisine to the streets hit Los Angeles. It is owned and operated by Tina Yeretsian and husband-to-be Mike Mikhail. The brainchild idea is Mikhhail's. Yeretsian provides nomadic back-story. She is Armenian. Her family went from Sasoun which was historic Armenia, present day Turkey, to Syria, Lebanon, and for the time being United States.

Among the popular menu items are the Zaatar & feta wrap, minced beef wrap, "beef empanada", and more.

The Zaatar & Feta Wrap- This is a quite delightful choice which qualifies a vegetarian not vegan since it has no meat but it does have the French feta cheese in the sandwich. It has a tangy flavor. The sandwich contains Middle Eastern wild thyme, other herbs, oil, tomatoes, sesame seeds, and mind. The make their own dough for the bread. My dining companion found the bread to be a tough for him.

The Minced Beef Wrap- This sandwich has a spicy kick. It does not overwhelm for those who love spicy rather it comes across as an elongate spicy experience. Classify it as mild for spice lovers. The sandwich contains tomotoes, onions, parsley, mint and garlic. A little bit of yogurt sauce is added.

You will see it described as the Beef Pocket but people of Middle Eastern heritage will recognize that real term is Beef Beorek. I could not stop saying out loud how good it was. When my dining companion ate his after me, he said the same as if he had not her me say it three other times I mentioned while I ate.

The Tahini Cookie reminded me of a sugar cooking. It is crisp and a bit oily.


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