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The humans are being made extinct in ‘The Dinosaur Experiment’

The Dinosaur Experiment


One of the horror genres that rarely seems to work is anything regarding dinosaurs. As a matter of fact you will be hard pressed to find anything beyond Jurassic Park that has ever delivered anything all that great. The latest horror film to try their hands to bring these prehistoric creatures to the screen is The Dinosaur Experiment, but does it bring any justice to these creatures or will it quickly become extinct?

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The Dinosaur Experiment follows a small town with not much to offer other than a gas station and a diner, but when it’s discovered that a local cattle ranch is actually breeding velociraptors that have escaped the townspeople will have to fight to survive or become extinct themselves. If this sounds like a ridiculous premise to you it’s because it is. From the moment this movie starts you realize you are walking into a train wreck. The first half of the film is nothing but setting up the characters which would be fine if any of them were worth knowing. They throw in so much nonsense with an attempt at being funny that it turns out just stupid. When you finally get to the dinosaur stuff it actually helps quite a bit. The dinosaur effects work great with the exception of a couple of cheesy CGI moments. When they being to finally start making people their dinner they do score some great fun gory moments that could have taken this film into a much better direction, but sadly the acting and characters continued to hold it back from ever completely working.

Clearly making a film with dinosaurs is hard as hardly anyone has been able to pull it off, but here they had the look and kills to do so, but cluttered up the film with people. If they could take the people and just use them as bait for the raptors to feed then this would have been a much more enjoyable film, but sadly you have to sit through a lot of annoyingly boring sequences to get to the good stuff. If you are a fan of dinosaurs, especially those on a killing spree then you might be more likely to have some fun with this film so check it out when it hits stores on April 1st.