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The HTC One; A comparative review

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Verizon HTC One


Ok, so basically what I'd like to do here is a comparison--a comparison of the HTC One smartphone which is on Verizon's 4G network, and the Samsung Galaxy S3 on T-mobile's network. Is it a fair comparison? Hey, it's not about what's 'fair.' Life isn't fair--it's about what's relevant to me. I understand the HTC One may be a newer phone and it may be more fair to compare it to say, the S4. But I don't have an S4, I have an S3, and the two phones I'm using right now are the aforementioned. The two networks I'm using are the aforementioned. The following opinions are based partly on the effectiveness and general strength of the networks--Verizon often delivers when T-mobile doesn't. However, the factors that cause me to consistently stick with Verizon and their devices is not only due to the superior 4G LTE network, which when tested was among the highest in reliability, but second to none for reliability in the most areas--Verizon has the best 4G LTE coverage, by far--but the handsets I demo seem to be awesome, as well. For instance, there just seem to be a million things that this HTC One is better at than my Samsung Galaxy S3. And it's not just because of the network. Does it come down to the Windows operating system having evolved and developed to the point where it offers some more user-friendliness than even the Android system on my S3? I don't know--I'm not a technical guru. I'm just going to lay out to you the differences I've noticed between my phone from T-mobile that I'm under contract for(I cancelled it and came back because I never got around to applying for the government phone yet, and I needed a permanent phone, so I ended up crawling back to T-mobile, even if temporary. But I'm not happy about it.) and this HTC One demo phone from Verizon;

So here's the bottom line: I continually, time after time and time again choose to use the HTC One from Verizon over my Samsung Galaxy S3 from T-mobile, whenever I go to grab a phone. See, I have both phones on me at all times--one in the left pocket and one in the right pocket. Let's just say the right pocket with the S3 stays heavier than the left pocket--I'm taking the Lamborghini out of the garage more often to give it more and more test drives and the old Rolls Royce(fair analogy? I don't know, let's go with it) is sitting in the other garage waiting to be waxed...actually, waiting to be traded in. After test driving the Lamborghini so much I'm getting used to it, unfortunately it has to be returned to the dealership at some point. Are we talking about cars? Maybe there's a car company out there who'll let me actually demo cars. Let me call Lamborghini on my phone quick...oops, I hesitated and almost reached into the wrong pocket to get the S3; I'd better use the HTC One--I wouldn't want to have a dropped call while I'm in the middle of negotiating a Lamborghini test-drive. Next thing you know I've got no Lamborghini and I still have this T-mobile contract. Wa Wa Wa Wa Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa(trombone?)

Seriously, it's just little things--I want to turn my phone sideways to facebook message someone, the HTC One accomplishes this, the S3 doesn't. I...oh, here's a real good one!--I can't access my blog! I cannot access or write new blog posts on my blog with my S3. Why? Why can't I do that? I think I may have gotten access to it by downloading the Blogger app, but I can't write posts to it. It doesn't seem to be a problem with the HTC One from Verizon. There are other examples I could explain, but it just comes down to convenience and well, the ability to do stuff. I need a permanent phone, but let me tell you, I am really reluctant to pay that T-mobile bill because the handset is just slow and unreliable.

Maybe if I keep writing reviews Verizon won't call me to return the device to them, ha!

The HTC One retail value from Verizon is $450, with a contract it's 49.99. The S3 from T-mobile retails at about $350 now, 0 down with a contract. They are comparably priced. If forced to choose, it's obvious which one I would go with--it would be worth the extra $49.99. I also think it's worth paying a little extra to use Verizon's network--the increase in effectiveness of the service and the lack of frustration using Verizon's 4GLTE is well worth the slightly higher monthly service cost, preferred over T-mobile's shoddy service. And that's the truth!

Now, it's pretty clear where I stand between these two phones on overall functionality, the use of some apps I've mentioned, the handsets them selves and the pricing of them, however I'd like to mention my enjoyment of some of the phones core functions as well; the camera, video-recorder and the sound quality while playing music.

Now as I mentioned earlier, the camera has an optional shutter-sound when you take a picture; not a deal-maker or breaker for most, I'm sure, but I like snapping photos with it; it's sounds like a handheld camera and it let's me know I've taken the picture with confidence. I actually took a whole slew of pictures with it; I used the HTC One to capture and document on facebook, a small gallery of artwork that I had created throughout the years. I have a number of, well they must be about 24 x 36, or so, sized charcoal drawings from a college drawing class I took; I have some smaller creations from a design class as well. Then I have some random sketches; some of the random sketches and still-life drawings I did in class or spontaneously on my own are some of the best. And the HTC One captured them all clearly and with honesty for a slide show in this article I wrote specifically about the camera. The HTC One's camera is easy to use, offering an options icon and things like flash right on the screen, which disappear nicely, leaving your view open, until you need to access them; their display is activated by a touching of the screen. The camera offers numerous options for the photographer--shutter speed, resolution and seemingly endless other options usually only found with professional cameras. The ability to take photos, with various modes, numerous options to balance lighting, different shooting options such as continuous, and options after the photo is taken such as cropping and other editing are all offered to the HTC One user turned part-time photographer.

Along with these options there is also an option to either use a camera or a camcorder; that's right, you can become a filmmaker and not just a photographer. Being the creative writer I am, or at least aspire to be, I captured a short rap video of myself with the video-recorder. That's right--I was bored one night, so I got the pen and pad out, wrote some rhymes and the next thing you know I was doing a selfie rap video in my apartment using the HTC One. My friends will tell you; I can freestyle--I'm actually a good rapper. By good I mean I create compelling rhyme schemes, showcase...well, I can't critique my own rapping. I'll stick to showing my appreciation for the HTC One capturing my flow on camera. And when I listen to other, competing artist's music, I generally use Pandora. Here's another benefit to the HTC One--the sound quality of the music. That combined with the fact that it's connected to Verizon's 4G LTE network means you're going to have great sound quality and an uninterrupted stream of music, hit after hit. Now I just have to figure a way of getting my own music played on Pandora...finding a producer is first priority--I'll need someone to create a buffet of beats that I can season with words, to make a whole menu of meaty, rap-laced lyrical and rhythmic taste-bud bombed brilliant tid-bits


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