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The house party and sci-fi genres collide for Plus One

Plus One


The party genre film is one that more often than not fails to deliver. Every so often one comes along that manages to kick it up a notch or twist the concept. The latest Plus One or +1 brings together the party flick and throws in some supernatural thriller aspects in hopes to deliver something new to the genre, but does it work or will this party need to be shut down?

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Plus One follows three college friends who hit the biggest party of the year, where a mysterious phenomenon disrupts the night, quickly descending into a chaos that challenges their friendships and whether or not they can stay alive. The first half of this movie plays as a pretty generic college party flick with just about every cliché you can think of to set the tone. Once arriving to the party they set the tone that the party itself is going to be crazy with constant people doing crazy things and sex filled partying. Where the film gets really interesting and misses the mark is the introduction of the sci-fi element. At first it has a nice slow build with some clever storytelling using a unique idea. It will quickly suck you in as these characters are forced to figure out how to deal with the situation, which takes things down a dark bloody path. This half of the movie works really well to create something new and original, while keeping you guessing to where it is heading. Sadly the ending kind of kills it as there isn’t much of one. They build up to this all out gory nudity filled brawl and then everything just ends like it never happened, with little to no resolution or reasoning. Sometimes the less you understand the better, but here they needed a little something to cap it off beyond the visual they gave.

For the most part this was a clever twist of combining these genres and creating something different, but loses its momentum with the ending. It’s not confusing or a cliffhanger and who knows some may be fine with it, but it just felt like there was more to say or do instead of just quickly calling it quits and ending the film.