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The Host or The Soul?

The Host (movie)


The Host based on the novel written by Stephanie Meyer, the same Author as the Twilight series, was a thought provoking movie with a metaphysical message. I found myself on the edge of my seat as I watch a very unlikely alien invasion unfold.

Throughout the movie I felt such gratitude and appreciation for the humans in the story, and during other moments, I saw the beauty of forgiveness readily given through the "soul" of Wanda inhabiting Melanie's body. Wanda (the alien soul) was intrigued by the love Melanie had for her brother and boyfriend. Having access to her memories and feeling her emotions allowed her to see the beauty in sacrificial love. Though each had their benefits, I found a shocking division between body and soul. Though the humans were smart and knew the ways of the world, they were not as readily open to forgiveness, love, and healing until Wanda opened their eyes to this.

This message seemed philosophically based in a non-Christian theory that teaches that souls are sent from heaven to inhabit bodies prone/habituated to sin. Both ways of living apart (souls without humans and vise versa) were portrayed as completely undesirable (at least during the time of the alien invasion in which the humans were fighting and living in hiding). The humans invaded by the souls walked around like robots and did nothing interesting while the humans sold things and committed suicide before being taken.

Too often, as Christians, we are taught that body is bad and that we are divided. We must remember that God created our bodies and they are not bad, but have a tendency toward sin after the fall. If we were created good, don't you think grace can make us whole again? In our society today we want a quick fix, but the truth is it takes patience, offerings, and supplications. Sometimes the times we suffer the most physically, we grow the most spiritually. Reading Dark Night of the Soul from St. John of the Cross is a great comfort for those striving for purity of heart and freedom from the senses that distract us from the divine graces God wants to give us.

Why do we have to go through this process? Because when we leave the cave of darkness, the light can be blinding, but it does not mean we give up the paradise waiting for us outside. Just think, if the "soul" or Wanda had not gone through the journey Melanie invited her on, she wouldn't have found human love; something so beautiful it was "worth dying for."