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'The Holiday' Movie Review: Cotton Candy Romantic Comedy

The Holiday
The Holiday
Sony Pictures

The Holiday


3.9 out of 5 stars

"The Holiday" tries to make running away from a broken heart such a cute and girly story. This fluffy romantic comedy caters to the mushy at heart. Director Nancy Meyers promotes a kind of trademark of making comedies that try to perceive relationships and womanhood in a feel good way.

If you're open to a light romp that succeeds on a level of pure escapism, "The Holiday" is considerably a charming find. If you're in the mood for some real sappy romance fruitcake, this movie is surely a confection to enjoy.

The story features wealthy people interacting so sugary to each other and finding love as if serendipity dictates them. In between, the story puts a certain level of semi-principled lines to further perk up the lightness and bring some well-intentioned ideas about love, life, and making life-changing decisions. If you can take its mushy side, the good thing about "The Holiday" is that, you can actually appreciate the characters loving like reasonable people who don’t just get into silly arguments to artificially jeopardize their relationships -- all for the sake of a story.

Lusciously crafted on a flick level, "The Holiday" has a generosity of spirit that tends to make it easy to forgive the occasional overly sweet glimmer. It is rather good that there is ample screen time investment in order to splurge into each character’s persona, although it goes a little overboard for being more than a two-hour long flick. One good thing is that everyone in the cast pretty much knows how to act.

Iris (Kate Winslet) brings a sweet, smart, and affectionate character to life as she keeps up with her natural acting and exceptional grace. Amanda (Cameron Diaz) gives another good-spirited, chick flick-worthy performance as she fills in some occasional sparkly moments. Miles (Jack Black), as usual, provides the "I'm full of energy and talent" type of character. Graham (Jude Law) justifies his "a woman’s dream boyfriend" role.

More than taking advantage of a pretty talented cast, "The Holiday" boasts uncompromisingly splendid real estates. From Amanda’s Tinseltown-inspired L.A. mansion to Iris’ English fairytale house, the flattering cinematography yields to the even more flattering selection of L.A. and U.K. locations.

With its really light and completely feel good demeanor, "The Holiday" is the cinematic equivalent of cotton candy. Although it could be too sugary for some, for most, it’s a light, fanciful treat worth savoring. Its touching moments are fairly enjoyable as an entertaining, escapist offer.

In its more than two-hours of running time, "The Holiday" has its highs and lulls. The talented cast tries to offset its flaws. If you're willing to embrace a bit of corniness for the sake of some fair smiles and giggles, a few poignant moments, and many enjoyably mushy scenes, then "The Holiday" can be one good movie to rest up a bit from the hustle and bustle of a chaotic reality.

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