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'The Hired Heart'

An old saying about the opinion of beauty an ownership of the beholder holds true today.


The Indian land of Wyoming, a beautiful ranch and a stubborn bull, make a strange combination for love and romance. After her hard-headed husband dies from a buck by a bull, Garnet (Penelope Ann Miller), brings a lot of life to a story about a country girl who wants to prove to her deceased husband's father that she can get a man. The story still fresh for such a time as this, the October 1977 Life Network film and the boyfriend she goes out and hires both endear her. At first, she only gives him commands. Kiss me, so the neighbors think you love me. But it is not long before he begins to empty the dead husband's clothes into the waste can and cart out all of the pictures of him to his own father. The hired hand is falling in love. Dad, who said to do it in the first place has second misgivings. Torn, the old westerner mayor does not yet know if he should stop the thing he alone started. After all, he was the one who told her to stop moping and to get out there and find a man.

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Stopping off at the nearest dating service, owned by her friend in L.A., California, poor Garnet does not even know she has the brother of the girl in her house, and not a gigolo. The whole thing about this though is a lot more G-rated and borderline romantic comedy. Nothing at all like the Richard Gere film about an American Gigolo, where men for hire meant something a lot different than a ranch hired-hand. But, with an age of supposed enlightenment going on, one would think slavery of any kind wrong. Before the hired man Garnet garnished upon herself finally admits that he wants to stay with her because he loves her, depending on the amount of paycheck, it seems that money still proves the dominating factor of every relationship. Once romance kicks in without a dollar nudge, Garnet and her sweet beau begin to create a life parlayed from the itinerary of the sunshine escort company she first applied for her charge at. His real life employment also a secret from her at first, Garnet finds his role as a composer of music startling.

A wonderful kind of story, and a lot of fun to watch, entertaining, the more of a play style light romantic interlude featured a talented cast of producers. From Director Jeremy Kagan, Editor Michael Economou, Executive Producer Philip Rogers, Composer Ralph Grierson (Music Score), Production Designer Perri Gorrara, Cinematographer Arthur Albert, and to Screenwriter Jeff Elison. The also wonderful acting cast consists of Barry Corbin (Mike Hadley), Brett Cullen (Bryan), Allison Hossack (Jenny), Paul Jarrett (Ed Pullman), Penelope Ann Miller (Garnet Hadley), Don Enright (Bill), Daryl Shuttleworth (Jimmy Rawlinbow), Graham Greene, Edanna Andrews (Sarah), David Leader (Cal), J.C. Roberts (Merle Atwood), Barbara Gates Wilson (Jill), Stephen McIntyre (Johnny), Judith Buchan (Judy), Bill Presidente (Bob), Benjamin Dohy (Danny Cole), Karen Johnston-Diamond (Bev). A perfect summer film rental. Perhaps PG-Rating.