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The hilariously entertaining ‘Blue Man Group’ makes a return visit to Columbus

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Blue Man Group


The Blue Men have returned to Columbus for a few nights, and they’re just as entertaining as ever. Blue Man Group swung into town this weekend, bringing with them the hilarious antics of their blue stars as they become acquainted with the world—and the arts—around them.

Blue Man Group is the perfect combination of catchy music, comedy, and visual art and makes for a highly entertaining night out. It’s not entirely what might be expected from an evening at the theatre, but that’s most of its charm. The Blue Men themselves have great comedic timing—made all the more impressive by the fact that they never speak. As they continue to learn about the world around them, the audience learns as well. Who knew that art could be made out of cleverly caught marshmallows and gumball-disguised paint balls?

Audience interaction is a big part of the show. Several times, the Blue Men made treks into the orchestra level seating to interact with various members—giving them art the Blue Men created on stage, doing tricks with Toblerone, and bringing them up on stage for parts of the show. The show even begins with audience participation when the scrolling ticker at the side of the stage welcomes the audience and directs them to greet various people.

The music used in the show is fun and dance-worthy, and the instruments used part of the time are not very conventional. The Blue Men seem to favor piping and large drums the most. The music is almost other-worldly, and will definitely make you feel like dancing.

Blue Man Group is definitely a show worth seeing at least once. You’ll laugh and dance and be entertained. It’s a great escape from the mundane of the day-to-day.