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The Heckler: Boulder Beer

The Heckler from Boulder Beer
The Heckler from Boulder Beer
Christopher Bruns

The Heckler Belgian-Style Tripel


The craft beer canned revolution continues to amaze. A decade or so ago, canned beers were synonymous with boring, big corporation beers; nothing of interest was ever wrapped in metal. Nowadays, thanks to pioneering craft brewers, almost any style of beer—strong or sessionable, mundane or extravagant—can be found in a squat 12 ounce cylinder: IPAs, stouts, Scotch ales, dunkels, pumpkin beers…etc. and now, from Boulder Beer, a tripel: The Heckler Belgian-Style Tripel (8% ABV).

Color: Amber like a cup of dark tea or a tumbler of bourbon, The Heckler is vaguely clear but not thoroughly see-through. A tint of tan infiltrates the otherwise white foam.

Aroma: The Hecker boasts some obvious citrus zest. Perhaps a little too obvious, actually, as one gets the impression it smells of a hardwood cleaning solution. The combination of high alcohol and citrus imparts an antiseptic scent.

Taste: The Heckler starts off with a punch of alcohol followed by a wash of spices, orange peel, and fruity sweetness. The aftertaste is medicinal, a bit chalky, and intermingled throughout the whole taste is a plastic-like flavor. This beer has some work to do.

Mouthfeel: Medium-light in weight, The Heckler finishes dry and features a noticeable alcohol burn.

Colorado is home to many great breweries and Boulder Beer can be counted among the elite. This Heckler, however, is not an accurate representation of which Boulder Beer is capable. They’re Colorado’s oldest microbrewery, they’ve been in the game a long time, and their tap lineup is full of impressive libations so I’d suggest you pick up one of their other beers and leave The Heckler alone.

The Heckler is available in most Denver-area liquor stores.