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The Heart of Wes Anderson Films

Filmmaker Wes Anderson
Hollywood Reporter

Wes Anderson characters


Wes Anderson is such a gifted filmmaker. There’s always much to discuss after viewing one of his movies. For many people it’s the intricacy of the set design, especially the symmetry. I like the tone the films convey and the way the characters are written.

Most of Anderson’s characters are fairly smart, either intellectually or just with good common sense. They are usually geeks and eccentrics that use their abilities to adapt to their environment and circumstances. Naturally, there are elements above and beyond their understanding, such as complex emotions and the very nature of existence. After initial struggles, they ultimately accept their plight with humility and dignity, realizing they’re not as alone as they had perceived themselves to be. The characters are very human, and the director’s attitude towards them, sympathetic. There’s an innocent quality to them that comes through in all the movies and for me, this is why they work.

The Grand Budapest Hotel is the latest film from Wes Anderson.