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The Harbinger, by Jonathan Cahn

Charisma Publishing, Front Line
by Jonathan Cahn

Is Christ's return near this Ressurrection week? This prophecy suspense combines fact and decide...


The Harbinger—Seattle Public Library:

The Harbinger: The Ancient Mystery That Holds America’s Future, by Jonathan Cahn, FrontLine Publishing-Charisma House Publishrs, 2012, 272 Pages, ISBN-13: 978-1616386108, $16.99

“How could an ancient mystery possibly have anything to do with September 11…or with America’s future…?" asked Ana Goren, a “media” type who never “wasted her time or suffered fools easily.” You must be “…crazy…or joking…you can’t be serious…”

Nouriel Kaplan didn’t look crazy to Ana and she could see he certainly was serious. She finally relented, buzzed her secretary, asked not to be interrupted and said, Okay, “Tell me about your mystery.”

“It’s much bigger than me…” he told Ana, “…it involves everything,” …explains everything…that has happened, is happening and will happen from 9/11 forward. Then he repeated the message he’d been given, where it was found, what he’d learned and who he had learned it from.

Ana’s attention went from indulgent to captivated the longer Nouriel talked. He told her of events that would “affect her life,” from her “…bank account to her future, to America’s future, to the rise and fall of nations. “It’s not only a mystery,” he said, “It’s a message, an alarm.”

Thus begins a stranger than fiction, well-researched, documented suspense about an ancient mystery that connects America, 9/11 and earliest Israel. Is it fiction, nonfiction? I don’t know, but do know there’s enough source documentation to give me pause.

The account is told mostly through dialogue between Nouriel, Ana and the prophet after the first of nine seals are delivered to Nouriel by mail. That delivery prompts Nouriel’s first meeting with the prophet. There he leans the secret that links America to ancient mysteries, a secret the prophet reveals through nine different seals, delivered one at a time to Nouriel. The prophet calls the seals, Harbingers.

In their first meeting the prophet says, “Israel was unique among nations…conceived and dedicated at its foundation for the purposes of God,” just as “…America was dedicated to the will of God…by its Founding Fathers…and is [created] in covenant with God.”

He explained that America was born to “…give refuge to the word’s poor and needy…hope to its oppressed…to fight, more than once, against dark movements,” As America fulfilled that destiny, the prophet said, “…it would become…blessed…prosperous…powerful…the most revered nation on earth…” However, if America turned away from God “…its blessings would be removed and be replaced with curses…” as God removed “…the nation’s hedge of protection.”

Learn about this fascinating 3,000-year-old mystery found in the Book of Isaiah that foretells 9/11, America’s invasion of Iraq, the “Freedom Stone” at Ground Zero, the fallen sycamore and The Tree of Hope, even the prophesied words that Vice Presidental candidate, John Edwards unknowingly spoke in 2004.

The author writes, “What you are about to read is presented in the form of a story, but what is contained within the story is real.” That is up to the reader to decide, however, there are uncanny similarities between the nine seals and what has happened in our nation. Could this be God’s warning to a morally corrupt, disobedient, self-indulgent nation? Dust off your Bibles and dig in!

Jonathan Cahn, known for prophetic teachings on television and radio is also leader of Hope of the Word ministries and the Jerusalem Center/Beth Israel.

The End of America—The Harbinger—YouTube

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