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GrooveBook travel app reviewed by professional agents at Nashville trade show

Groovebook App for iPhone and Android


Tuesday, a group of travel agents at the new Music City Center, Nashville's major convention center, were in attendance at a travel industry trade show and shown the GrooveBook app by one of the travel vendors onsite. GrooveBook is an app available for both the iPhone and Android platforms that allows the selection of up to 100 photos per month which are then printed into a photo booklet and mailed directly to subscribers. The cost of the app is $2.99 each month which includes not only the printing of the photos but shipping as well.

The Groovebook app is very user friendly

Finding out the $2.99 price point caused one agent to question the quality of the photobook, considering the extremely low cost. Her concern was met with a few glowing reviews from other agents who had already used the app and received their photo books. Everyone had nothing but wonderful things to say about the GrooveBook app. In particular, many of the travel consultants, all of which have travel businesses in middle Tennessee and surrounding areas, thought it would be great to recommend the app to all of their clients or even buy it for them as a value-added bonus for booking a vacation or for their previous loyalty.

Charles Ligon, a master consultant & gay travel expert ( from Goodlettsville, TN said:

I saw the app on the TV show 'Shark Tank' and immediately downloaded it for myself. I've already received a couple of the photo books and was pleasantly surprised by high quality, especially for less than $3 per month. The photos even come with perforated edges so you can tear out each photo if you want. Actually, in my last newsletter to my clients, I included an entire section on GrooveBook and encouraged my subscribers to give the app a try on their next vacation.

Jokingly, an agent next to Charles yelled:

Don't you wish GrooveBook paid commissions!?

GrooveBook Overview

The GrooveBook app for Android and iPhone delivers an incredible value and is cheaper than other photo printing services. For less than $3.00 per month, users get to select up to 100 images from their smart phones which in turn get printed to create a beautiful 4.5″ x 6.5″ photo book. The best part is the fact that delivery is included! Even more, the photos are printed on glossy paper and each one is perforated for easy removal to place in a frame, give away, stick up on the fridge or added to a scrapbook.

GrooveBook is perfect for travel and vacationing, too. While on vacation, take pictures of family, friends, beaches, or mountains and once back home, or even on the way home, pull up the app, select up to 100 photos and send them off. In no time, a beautiful photo book will be delivered.

GrooveBook compared to similar apps

GrooveBook is highly rated and recommended. So far, 1,887 users of the Google Play Store for Android gave it 4 stars. After looking at other photo printing services, it's difficult, if not impossible, to find a better deal. This is likely due to the patent-pending method the makers of the GrooveBook app use to ensure the lowest possible shipping cost. It has to do with a “groove” in the book that qualifies it to ship via media mail, hence the name "GrooveBook". Without this process, the cheapest shipping option would be via United States Postal Service and would be over $5.00 for delivery alone.

GrooveBook was also featured on January 10th episode of Shark Tank, which airs Friday nights on the ABC network. Be sure to read the GrooveBook Shark Tank recap for more information about Groovebook and to check out what the Sharks had to say about the app and business.

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