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'The Grey' is a great thriller

The Grey


One of the new films opening in theatres this month is "Non-Stop," an action-thriller starring Liam Neeson. In recent years, Neeson has starred in many action-thrillers. The best of these movies is the 2012 film "The Grey." Throughout the nation right now, people are coping with treacherous winter weather. In this film, the challenges of arduous winter weather are compounded by another of mother nature's creations.

In "The Grey," Neeson plays Ottway, a sharpshooter for an oil company. Ottway, who has recently retired, is one of a handful of survivors of a plane crash. They are stuck in a snow-dense wilderness. As they try to find safety, they are hunted by blood-hungry wolves who start killing them off one by one.

This movie has amazing cinematography. The cold, snowy atmosphere helps create a real sense of danger and watching the movie, even in front of a warm fireplace, may cause you to shiver.

Liam Neeson gives Ottway a stunning amount of depth and range. We see that he is haunted by the loss of his wife. He also renders Ottway's skills at dealing with scared humans and ferocious wolves in convincing ways. The other actors are equally strong. They all seem very real. With their conversations about death and spirituality, the cast takes this film above standard action-movie fare.

"The Grey" is directed by Joe Carnahan, who does an excellent job with suspense and action scenes, The wolf attacks are very scary.

"The Grey" is a memorable thriller that is surprisingly poetic. It is one of the best films of 2012.