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The Great Bull Run brings Pamplona to North Texas

The Great Bull Run Dallas


On Saturday, April 5th, The Great Bull Run opened its gates to the daring in Ennis, Texas, for the first time allowing man and beast to share a track on North Texas soil.

Beginning at 11 a.m., runners lined up along the track for their moment of man versus beast. As explained in the rules and ceremony prior to the run, they were to decide their own level of risk, choosing as to whether run alongside the bulls as they passed or observe from the fence or nooks, created for safety. Either way, the thrills were theirs to be had. Several runs took place throughout the day before proceeding on to the Tomato Fight.

The event also included a Tomato battle similar to the Tomato Festival held in Spain annually. Despite the chilly weather, the stadiums filled with red and white-clad spectators, cheering on the runners and the bulls alike.

For those concerned about safety, the bulls are not prodded or mistreated before the runs. Several more runs are scheduled for this year across the country, the next closest event being on September 20th in Houston. Register early for a special price!