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The Grass really is Greener at Mile High

Mile High Bikram Yoga
Mile High Bikram YogaGoogle Images

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Bikram, that is. With the legalization of marijuana in Colorado in full swing as of the new year, people from all over the state are rushing to the nearest pot shop to snag a dose of happy. Many people firmly believe that smoking marijuana heals symptoms of depression, anxiety and increases serotonin. Is it the best long-term cure for internal issues you experience? What if there was an alternative to getting high that also provided countless medical benefits both mentally and physically? Put the pipe down and check out Bikram Yoga Mile High in Denver, duuuude.

I first walked into Bikram Yoga Mile High last month to take advantage of their introductory rate of unlimited yoga for only $69. Personally, I had a rough 2013 and needed a drastic change in my life to relieve negative energy from my brain. With a healthy conscience in mind, I did my homework and stumbled across this natural way of improving your overall well being. I was instantly hooked after the first 90 minute session I completed. I immediately felt a sense of accomplishment and knew I was onto something. The room is the perfect size that allows for your own space to practice and is consistently heated at 105 degrees to warm the muscles, flush toxins and heal injuries. All of the instructors are experienced and extremely friendly. While the dialogue and order of the 26 postures are always the same, each instructor brings an enthusiastic, unique personality to every class.

Whether you're looking to lose weight, increase stamina or relieve stress, throw away the prescription drugs and get off the couch. Step out of your hazy comfort zone and discover a high that's like no other. You will be amazed at the benefits this yoga provides your mind, body and spirit.

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