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'The Grand Seduction' serves up sweet simplicity at its best

Taylor Kitsch at a premiere for 'The Grand Seduction'
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The Grand Seduction


“The Grand Seduction” as a movie title reeks of stuffy formality, which thankfully, is not representative of this lighthearted movie. The film is like a breath of fresh air: adorable, funny, endearing. The story centers around Murray (Brendan Gleeson) who is trying to save his fishing town from further ruin by enticing an oil factory to set up shop. This will provide jobs for he and his fellow residents who have been out of work for quite some time. His sleepy harbor town has run dry and fishing is not nearly enough to support the small population who reside throughout the lush-looking scenery.

To get the factory, the harbor must employ a doctor. As a form of punishment after being detained on a layover, Dr. Paul Lewis (Taylor Kitsch) is “sentenced” to work in Tickle Head for one month. If the townspeople can get him to sign a contract, then the factory will be put in and people can go back to work.

Murray and his friends go to work cleaning up the area, providing Paul a place to live and catering to his every need. Their amateur "seduction" tactics are silly with rigged fishing success and planted money as part of their grand plan.

Murray and his cohorts are rumpled, but determined and their optimism and creativity are downright adorable. Murray also adores his wife. She has decided to take a job in the city during their working drought and he can’t wait until she can come back home.

Kitsch is charismatic as the city fish out of water. Gleeson is his stern-looking, softhearted counterpart. Together they make an entertaining duo and easily capture the hearts of the audience. The movie trailer, while funny, seriously downplays just how much of a gem that this film truly is.

Final words: 'The Grand Seduction' keeps it sweet and simple. Lots of laughs and fuzzy feelings handed out for the entire audience.

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