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The Goonz do punk rock in flannel

The Goonz


The straight forward punk of The Goonz is nothing that hasn't been done before. They play loud, somewhat obnoxious songs about rebellion and challenging authority as any good punk band should.

You might not guess they were a punk band by the looks of the lead singer and guitarist, both with neatly trimmed hair and flannel shirts, at Peabody's back on October 13th when Helmet was headlining but you'd be surprised.

They hold nothing back when it comes to telling you how they really feel about anything and everything through their lyrics.

Unlike far too many "punk" bands that are playing around town in little girl jeans with highlighted hair kept purposely too long on one side, they seem to be more about the music than anything.

For more information about this Cleveland band, check out their myspace for upcoming show dates and other news.