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'The Good Wife' goes up against 'The Dream Team': The firm

Louis Canning and Patti Nyholm
Louis Canning and Patti Nyholm

The Good Wife - "The Dream Team"


The season finale of CBS's The Good Wife, entitled "The Dream Team," finds two of Lockhart / Gardner's biggest foes, Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox) and Patti Nyholm (Martha Plimpton), teaming up to try to bankrupt the firm. As the senior partners scramble to prevent this, Alicia (Julianna Margulies) becomes confused once more about her feelings for Peter (Chris Noth), and accidentally stirs up a hornet's nest involving Kalida's (Archie Panjabi) dangerous husband.

Reviews for this episode: The Firm / Family Matters

First, it must be said that the scene by the elevator, when Alicia sees both Will (Josh Charles) and Peter arrive together, and then others joining them, and finally, a baby scooting through the middle of the group, is one of the best moments ever! There is the perfect build up of tension, clashes happening all at once, a perfect storm coming together, and another recurrence of a joke that runs throughout the hour. Brilliant!

What is going on with Kalinda? She seems on the verge of skipping town in "The Dream Team," but then, after learning Alicia is in danger, she changes her mind. Clearly, Kalinda has put down roots here, and worries about those she would leave behind. It isn't revealed just what her husband is capable of, but it cannot be anything good, given Kalinda's decision to wait for him with a gun. Might the first case for the firm next year involve clearing Kalinda of a murder charge? Or will this new, as of yet unseen, character stay around for a bit to complicate things? The latter is more appealing, and could still lead to the former happening down the road.

Fox and Plimpton are two of The Good Wife's best recurring characters, which is saying something, given the elite company the series keeps. Having them both in the same episode, working together, well, that's a dream come true! Which is probably why this installment is called "The Dream Team." They both prove to be formidable foes in the past, so it's little wonder that once they put their heads together, they are able to deal a crippling blow! And that is accomplished just by a little distraction.

Dragging Andrew Wiley (Tim Guinee) into the mess as well certainly doesn't hurt the episode!

It seems like Lockhart / Gardner is ending the season on the same shaky ground it's been battling to stay off of for a very long time, which is a shame, given the promising start of the episode, in which the firm looks to get a share of a twenty-five million dollar settlement. L/G's finances are not stable, but this is nothing new. However, with Louis and Patti's victory in "The Dream Team," L/G has now lost 20% of its income. This will certainly result in massive layoffs. Who is on the chopping block? Alicia, who recently becomes more highly paid than her equally qualified colleagues, or Cary (Matt Czuchry), who just gets his foot back in the door, and is doing everything in his power to make himself valuable to his former employees? Neither deserve it, but both appear to be top candidates, except for the fact that they are main characters.

Unless Cary's employment at Lockhart / Gardner is a scam. Peter acts genuinely surprised when he learns that Cary is quitting the District Attorney's office. But Cary also later receives that call from Peter that is not shown on screen. It doesn't seem like Peter would be plotting against the firm, considering how friendly he is getting with his wife again, but one never knows. Cary could be involved in a shady plot. And Lockhart / Gardner will be lucky to weather their current attack, let alone a second one!

Please let this not be the case! It's so good to have Cary back where he is, and he is a much more noble character than he once was!

Reviews for this episode: The Firm / Family Matters

The Good Wife has been renewed and will return to CBS next fall. In Columbus, CBS can be found on channel 10 (analog), 380 (satellite), and 1010 (high definition).

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