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The Goliath External Battery from Lenmar: Universal Laptop Power Pack

The Goliath External Battery from Lenmar: Universal Laptop Power Pack
The Goliath External Battery from Lenmar: Universal Laptop Power Pack

The Goliath External Battery from Lenmar Model # PPU916RS


Technology products enable us to communicate with others around the World, provide entertainment, education and generally enrich our lives in too many ways to count. A power outage that deprives us of our technology will likely cause some level of anxiety if it last for an extended period of time. Power banks from ADATA, Aukey, LePow and others will keep your smaller devices powered but what about your laptop computer? The Lenmar Goliath is the answer. The Goliath is an external battery that works with a large variety of computer brands and models to extend your laptop's battery life for hours. It is airplane safe, international compatible, and includes an internal safety gauge for overcharge protection.

The Goliath External Battery from Lenmar: Universal Laptop Power Pack

In the Box

  • Goliath External Battery: Universal Laptop Power Pack Model #PPU916RS
  • 1 output Charging cable
  • 8 straight output tips
  • 7 input connector tips
  • 1 printed user manual

You will notice that there is no AC adapter in the list above. Instead, the Goliath uses your notebook's power adapter to charge. The 7 input connector tips can be used to make the right connection between your adapter and the Goliath's input port if necessary. The adapter for my Asus A53SD notebook was the correct size so no connector tip was required. Once the Goliath is fully charged, the output charging cable connects the Goliath to your notebook using the appropriate straight output tip to fit the power port on the notebook.

Once I determined the correct straight tip to connect the cable to the notebook, I connected it to the power port and activated the Goliath. The Asus behaved as if it was still plugged into the power strip instead of an external battery. The battery in the Goliath will be depleted first and then it will use the notebook's battery. The manual estimates that the Goliath will provide 3 to 4 hours of battery life for your computer but I think that's probably on the low side and you can do much better than that if you tweak your settings for power saving.

My first test was to connect the Goliath to the Asus and use it as I would on a normal day. This included checking email, writing an article, surfing the Web, and playing games. After about 3.0 hours the Goliath was depleted and it switched to the internal laptop battery which still estimated close to 3 hours of battery time available. That's more than 5 hours from both power sources which is really good for a quad core notebook. I repeated this test with the same results.

When I did the third test, our friends at BGE provided a power outage for more than 6 hours. I made some changes to the power settings on the notebook which has a battery saving option. Since the power was really out, I had no Internet connection for surfing or email. I confined my activities to writing an article using Lotus Word Pro and reading on my Kindle App. After 3.5 hours of this minimal power usage with the battery saving settings, the Goliath still had 75% power remaining which is spectacular. About that time, the power came back on so I disconnected the Goliath. The notebook estimated the internal battery time was close to 6 hours on the reduced settings. That's a lot of battery time between both sources.
I've used other external batteries before with mixed success. They all provided extra battery power but none with the consistent performance of the Goliath. The long life and reliable power allowed me to concentrate on my work instead of worrying that the battery was suddenly going to die on me. Wait, is that thunder I hear in the distance? No need to worry if you've got a Goliath PPU916RS to extend your laptop power so you can keep working.

The Goliath is about the size of a 7" tablet PC with 4 rubber pads on the underside to keep it from sliding around on your desk. On the top side is a silver button which activates the 5 LED charging and power indicators. Press the button to check the power remaining at any given time in increments of 20% per light. The power check lights are on a different module which doesn't deplete the main battery but the lights only stay on for 4 seconds and then automatically go off. The manual explains more about the lights and charging the Goliath for use with your notebook.

On one end of the Goliath you will find the Power In and Power Out ports for charging the Goliath and then your notebook. There is also a switch to toggle the Goliath between 16 V and 19 V output as needed for the power requirement of the laptop to be charged. Lastly, there is a full sized Type A USB 2.0 port for charging your cell phone, mp3 players, and other USB charging devices that will charge from 1A power of the USB port. Most tablets require a minimum of 2.1A for charging. The exception to that is the original iPad Mini which will charge from the 1A USB port. They estimate that the Goliath can charge a smartphone 8 or 9 times.

The Goliath will provide power for many different brands of notebooks including:
Acer, Asus, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP, Toshiba and many others. Many compatible models are listed in the manual along with the voltage setting and appropriate power tip to use. These are not the only compatible devices that will work with the Goliath. My Asus A53SD was not listed but worked fine with the Goliath. A PDF of the known compatible devices can be found online.

The Lenmar Goliath Model #PPU916RS lists for $99.99. Visit Lenmar online to find out more about the Goliath. You can also find the Goliath online at Battery World, Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, and Newegg at prices ranging from $69.99 at Battery World to $84.99 at Newegg.

Goliath Model #PPU916RS Specifications
Model Number PPU916RS
Device Type Portable Power Pack
UPC 029521849912
Cell Voltage 3.8V
Capacity 5500mAh
Watt Hours 20.9Wh
Chemistry Lithium Polymer
Item Color Black
Warranty 1 Year
DC Output Spec 5.3V, 16V, 19V 4A (max)
Unit Weight 1.15 lb.
Unit Dimensions 7.1" x 5" x 0.5"

Please note that there is also a mobile phone version of the Lenmar Goliath charger, model #PPW16500, which is 16500mAh and is for charging iPhone, Android, Smartphones, and Cellphones via 1 USB port. It does not charge laptops. Visit Lenmar online to find out more about both Goliath chargers.

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