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The Golden Theme by Brian McDonald is the book for writers

The Golden Theme by Brian McDonald Book Cover
Brian McDonald

The Golden Theme


“The Golden Theme” by Brian McDonald is perhaps one of the truest books on writing I have ever read. It showcases some very simple topics that will help improve your writing tremendously: Good writing is true writing. In order to be a compelling author you must be honest with yourself. All stories are those of survival.

This is a fairly short book which makes for an easy read in the night. Upon reading this book I can say that my thought process as a writer has changed drastically. My ability to read between the lines as a reader has improved greatly. This book makes me think about writing in a very different way, and see beyond the surface story. While this may sound complex, the beauty of this book is the ability to express these ideas in a simple format.

I was blown away by “The Golden Theme” as it is relevant to every writer, every reader, every storyteller, every book, every plotline, and every genre. If there is one book for authors and readers alike to read, this is it. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It’s practically guaranteed to improve your writing, reading comprehension, and thought process when creating an outline as well as developing characters.

This book scratches the surface of great character development, and the differences between a well created hero and a poorly constructed hero, as well as a villain. It gives you the perfect amount of information to refine your own creativity and imagination.

If you are a reader, read this. If you are a writer, read this. If you simply want to understand stories and characters better, read this. Regardless of who you are or what you do, this book is for you.