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The Golden Rule 'These Shoes'

These Shoes
These Shoes
Emily Borderie

The Golden Rule These Shoes


The Golden Rule’s first E.P. is like a one night stand. The night starts off with the high energy song ‘Lights’, which lures you in with its Weezer style song craft and Mohit Mehta’s ,Kelly Jones inspired vocals . When you hear fantastic one liners like “I could be your equalizer booze hound and passion finder but you don’t want it anymore” , it feels like you may just be in store for one of the craziest nights you've ever had.
Sadly, once you get to the room, you’re met with the uninspiring song ‘Luck’, which, with its flat vocals and dull music comes across as trying too hard to impress you.
Yet, you are still hopeful that that energy from the beginning will come back and after another lackluster track called ‘Girl’, you hear it, you feel it, like the first time you listened to ‘The Trooper’ by Iron Maiden. Finally, ‘Shoes’ a song that brings back that passion, it’s all back, but now that you've sobered up, the one liners are no longer there to lure you in and the music isn't enough to bring you back. As the song finishes, you find yourself thinking “Well, that went on a little too long and ended really awkwardly”.
At the end of the night, the last song ‘Walk’ plays you out the door and you are reminded of how promising the night started off.

Recommended tracks: ‘Lights’ and ‘Shoes’

Don't just take my word for it, go check out The Golden Rule at the Double Door on August 14th and listen for yourself at