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The God Hater, by Bill Myers

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The God Hater, filled with drama, action, suspense and intrigue will be "...talked about for a long time...


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The God Hater, by Bill Myers, Howard Books, 2010, 320 Pages, ISBN-13: 978-1439153260, $14.99

The limousine driver unexpectedly pulled to the curb and Dr. Nicholas Mackenzie's curt questions were silenced when Homeland Security Agent, Brand Thompson quickly opened the back door and slipped in. The agent flipped open his credentials and said, "It's about your brother....Travis Mackenzie" before the professor could say another word.

Award-winning author of more than sixty national and international awards, Bill Myers new release The God Hater, filled with drama, action, suspense and intrigue will be "...talked about for a long time," writes Jerry Jenkins.

The story involves two brothers and two worldviews. Nicholas, a brilliant, recluse, sexagenarian philosophy professor, who prides himself on atheistic, theological debates and his brother Travis, a world-renowned genius software programmer. Their two worlds collide when Travis uses "cloak and dagger" techniques to involve Nicholas in his new computer-generated world of "sims" and artificial intelligence.

Add Nicholas's only friend, single-mother, Professor Annie Banks, Rusty, her five-year-old son, who plays the Chinese game of "Go" with Nicholas, and the stage is set for kidnapping blackmail and murder.

Alpha, his wife, their baby, Keeper, Programmer, The Law Giver, Nyrah and more, is a parallel story that adds a philosophical core, as well as a unique, compelling and powerful portrayal of the redemption story.

Myers shows the depths of Christianity through a compelling story without preaching in a way readers won't soon forget. Just as the underlying philosophy is presented as a story-within-a-story unlike what is found in academic textbooks.

Myers calls The God Hater one of his most important works in Christian fiction. The book has also been compared to Ted Dekker's Circle series and C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia.

Paul Cedar, Mission America Coalition writes, "...a rare combination of Christian fiction...entertaining and spiritually provocative."

The unusual futuristic story works on every level and I suspect will become a classic with its deep spiritual significance, particularly in the times we live in.

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