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The funniest man alive!

The Funniest man alive
Lowell Sanders



Attention Las Vegas!

The funniest man alive - is about to hit town.

I am not a frequent 'comedy club' attendee, for the very reason that 90% of the so called stand up comedy I've been exposed to, is based solely on the use of 4 letter words! Don't get me wrong - I'm not adverse to letting out a few myself on chosen occasions! And I certainly appreciate their use in a comedy routine that is not based on the sole impact of the shock value of profanity for profanities sake!

But Lowell Sanders is something else. His is not a show that you would book for your 12year olds birthday party! But in my somewhat biased opinion he is the funniest man alive - or at the very least the funniest man alive that I have been privileged to enjoy!

I saw Lowell preform during a recent cruise to Mexico. This guy is a hoot! Both my wife and myself were literally in stitches from his opening gag to the closing number which came far too soon. My information is that he is due in Vegas soon and I'll be in a front seat.

If you are easily offended - stay home- If you want a total escape from the humdrum routine of daily life - Don't miss Lowell Sanders.

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