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'The Fugitive' is a classic action film

The Fugitive


This week, "Veronica Mars," which is based on a popular television show, will open in theatres. In this film, many actors from the show reprise their roles. Often, this does not happen in movies based on shows. And many films based on television programs are unable to satisfy critics or audiences. But 1993's "The Fugitive," which is based on a 1960s drama, was so popular that filmmakers still turn to the small screen for inspiration.

"The Fugitive" stars Harrison Ford. He plays Dr. Richard Kimble, a dedicated surgeon who is falsely accused of killing his wealthy wife. After his conviction, he survives a bus accident that occurs as he and other prisoners are being transferred to their new quarters. The no-nonsense Sam Gerard (played by Tommy Lee Jones), a determined U.S. Marshall, and his team work hard to find the illusive escapee. Richard's goal is not so much to avoid capture, but to find out who killed his wife.

"The Fugitive" features great performances from A-list actors Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones. They both play characters who are very smart and very tough. Kimble and Gerard are well-matched for each other. Jones won an Oscar for his stellar performance. The supporting cast is equally strong. Julianne Moore is terrific in a small role as an emergency room doctor suspicious of Kimble.

Director Andrew Davis delivers thrilling chase scenes. An example is when Gerard almost catches Kimble in a storm drain that flows into a dam. But Kimble jumps into the dam, and the director then cuts to scenes of the tired and frustrated Gerard barking orders about turning off the dam. We are taken from tension to humor in record speed.

"The Fugitive" is a very well-made film and arguably the best movie ever made based on a television show.