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'The Fourth Wish' by Lindsay Ribar: Sequel to 'The Art of Wishing'

Genies and lots of magic make this young adult book a great sequel
courtesy of Kathy Dawson Books

The Fourth Wish by Lindsay Ribar


"The Fourth Wish" by Lindsay Ribar takes up just where "The Art of Wishing" left off. Margo McKenna, the protagonist in both books, has used her three wishes and dared to make a fourth. Dared because she knows that making a fourth wish means she will turn into a genie.

Margo had the best of intentions when she saved the life of the genie she had come to think of as her boyfriend. Oliver was being threatened by a wicked genie whose mission was to kill all the genies in the world. To save Oliver, Margo had to make a fourth wish, which meant that she would be turned into a genie and forced to grant wishes for others forever.

Becoming a genie, as Margo finds out, is not easy. There's a lot to learn. And Ribar explains it all with plenty of humor. Margo is a three-dimensional character and she is not perfect. Ribar's talent is in making this book, where there is really no antagonist, an enjoyable read.

The story is about Margo's relationships with not only Oliver, but her friends and her fellow cast-mates in the high school play. Two of them know about the genies, but her best friend does not.

Ribar makes a really good point through one of the characters, Vicky. Vicky had gotten three wishes, and one of them was for people to like her. So now lots of people like her. When Margo asks her why she didn't take back the wish (it made Vicky uncomfortable), she said that she decided to try to be the kind of person that other people liked. So she wanted to deserve the wish, and while the wish changed her life, she changed herself to be worthy of the new popularity.

This is not a stand-alone book. Make sure to read "The Art of Wishing" first. Lovers of fantasy and magic will enjoy the two books.

Please note: This review is based on the final hardcover book provided by the publisher, Kathy Dawson Books, for review purposes.

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