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‘The Fosters’ returns to Mondays, proves that ‘The Honeymoon’ quickly fades

The Fosters: "The Honeymoon"


The winter premiere of ABC Family’s hit show “The Fosters” (“The Honeymoon”) aired on Monday, January 13 at 9:00 p.m. “The Honeymoon” picks up immediately where the summer season finale of “The Fosters” left off, which was the wedding of Stef (Teri Polo) and Lena (Sheri Saum), the moms of the Foster-Adams family.

Polo and Saum at 2013 HRC Dinner
Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images

The winter premiere of “The Fosters” opens on a fairly uncommon scene in American television (though no doubt one that is to become more familiar as the political and social landscape of the U.S. continues to evolve with respect to same-sex relationships and marriage): Two women (Stef and Lena) in bed together, waking up the morning after their wedding. It is refreshing that ABC Family, a network geared toward families, portrays the interaction between Stef and Lena as loving and tender, and as that of any couple following its wedding, irrespective of the genders of the persons married. Unfortunately, their bliss and “The Honeymoon” are short-lived when they realize that Callie, their foster daughter, has run away.

At the end of the summer finale, Callie hitched a ride to Indiana with her ex-boyfriend, Wyatt, after kissing her foster brother, Brandon. Callie left to protect Jude out of fear that they would be removed from the home if Stef and Lena found out about the kiss. “The Honeymoon” focuses on the characters’ reactions: Jude’s anger at his sister for abandoning him; Brandon’s guilt at Callie leaving; Stef and Lena’s frustration that they may have made a mistake about Callie.

Although Callie is wise beyond her years, her actions in “The Honeymoon” show her age and just how much the foster care system has damaged her. Rather than work the problem out with Stef and Lena, she escapes, thinking that she can only rely on herself and that she knows what is best for everyone around her. And in the end, when she has hit a dead end, she puts herself back into the juvenile system instead of admitting her mistake and calling Stef and Lena. Curiously, it is Wyatt (the “bad boy”) who emerges as the most mature of the younger characters in this episode of “The Fosters”. He tells Stef and Lena where Callie is and in doing so prioritizes Callie’s possible happiness with the Foster-Adams family over his feelings for her.

Other highlights of “The Honeymoon” include Mariana preparing a romantic dinner for Jesus and Lexi after learning that Lexi would not be returning to California following her family’s trip to Honduras; Stef’s mom bonding with Jude and realizing how special he is despite her initial misgivings regarding Stef and Lena adopting two more children; and Callie realizing that her dad failed to contact her despite being out of prison for over a year.

Can’t get enough of the Foster-Adams family? Watch “The Fosters” on ABC Family every Monday night at 9 p.m.

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