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“The Flint Study” of Anatabloc® ?

Anatabine and Anatabloc


Could a naturally-occurring alkaloid, found in peppers, (tobacco and its smoke) eggplant, and green tomatoes, “combined with Vitamins A and D3, (Anatabloc® ) be able to support a natural anti-inflammatory process in the body?”

That's exactly what researchers in Flint, Michigan are looking into in “The Flint Study”. For 10-weeks, participants will take 2 pills or logenzes, three times a day, to see if their blood shows signs of improvement for inflammation. Nationally, at two additional locations, a total of 300 participants will be evaluated to see if the substance makes a difference in their lives. But two professional athletes don't have to wait for the study's outcome.

Roskamp Institute developed anatabloc from the natural ingredient anatabine.

Fred Couples, and Aaron Krickstein believe without any doubts.

Couples who has been ranked World No. 1 on the professional golf tour, is brand spokesman for “Anatabloc® ”. While Krickstein a former tennis-pro, hales from Ann Arbor, Michigan says he takes “Anatabloc," daily. Pro-athlete Robert Seguso says he can't live without it.

Dr. Dale Wilson, the study's conductor, in Flint, Michigan, says during a December, WNEM TV 5 telecast that: “The creators of Anatabloc® promote the supplement for anti-inflammatory support of the immune system. This is potentially helpful for a variety of conditions.”

Patrick Cox writing on “Breakthrough Technology Alert” web site says, “The focus of the investigation is whether the pills may improve patient outcomes dealing with inflammation. “It is now understood that inflammation plays a role in virtually all diseases...Inflammation from unhealthy gums increases the odds of getting heart disease and even Alzhimer's.

“The Flint Study” will monitor the blood of participants for C-reactive protein (CRP) in two-week intervals, in this double-blind clinical investigation to check for indicators of inflammation. Participants need to have elevated CRP levels in order to participate in the study.

The supplement's maker, Roskamp Institute, of Sarasota, Florida, derived “Anatabloc® from Anatabine, which is found in various plants including tobacco. Cox writes that inflammation “can lead to cancers, heart attacks, lupus, IBS, macular degeneration, stroke, obesity, ED, allergies, psoriasis, Crohn's disease, endometriosis, rheumatoid arthritis, hair loss, diseases of the organs such as the thyroid and liver as well as... well, you name it.”

In the medical research community a new term has been coined to describe the process: “inflammaging,” coined by Claudio Franceschi, professor of immunology at the University of Bologna.

A great deal of research is currently underway to see if Alzheimer's disease can be eliminated by the use of Anatabloc.


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