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The First World is here!

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The First World (comicbook)


Welcome to the First World, a sword and sorcery adventure that really is very unlike any you have ever seen, or so we’ve been told. According to creator, Christopher Campana the tale is a Sword and Sorcery epic fantasy that is chock-a-block full of awesomeness in comic book form. When we initially spoke to Campana he told us that what makes The First World so different is that there would be no “chosen one” or character who was “destined” to be the savior of the world. He felt that sort of storytelling was far too hackneyed to be believable anymore and it was his desire to craft an actual hero’s arc to his story. To this end his comic is about an ancient evil that was thought only to be fairy tale which has returned to infest the world. The protagonist of the story is a young girl, named Arana, who, along with several of her companions must find a way to stop this nightmare of creatures before the First World falls into ultimate darkness.

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Campana, who wrote and penciled the story, launched it via a successful Kickstarter, and is now self-distributing it at conventions and personal appearances. The book starts off with a scroll-like page offering up musings from a sorcerer’s journal before jumping right into the action. We meet Arana as a youngster being comforted by her father against the vagaries of the night, which then dissolves into the present day with her as a young lady, toting a very large battleax that she clearly knows how to use, as she has just dispatch a very large ogre.

As we meet the (nearly) grown-up Arana, she is in the company of a blue man named Dutar who is older than her and taken on the role of mentor to her. However the larger story occurs with a young lad named Prince Minak who happens across a warrior named Garrun as he (Minak) is being chased by a fearsome creature. Garrun makes short work of the creature and then (upon learning that Minak) is a prince, escorts him to the palace of King Sumon. There is also a villainous individual named Lord Calro, who seems to be up to no good. Needless to say, this is the introductory installment of a much longer story, so we are just getting into things without much being revealed. Still the art is full and lush, with the story engaging enough to make us want to continue.

Given what we know about this project, and what we’ve already seen, we are very excited to see the series continue, and wonder at what is in store for the characters we’ve already met.


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