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The Fault In Our Stars movie trailer premiere

The Fault In Our Stars Movie Trailer


Earlier this week, author/novelist (we're not sure if one or both) John Green, who wrote the #1 New York Times Best Selling novel The Fault In Our Stars announced that the trailer for the movie adaption directed by Josh Boone would premiere on Wednesday morning on The TODAY Show. And it did.

The fact that this is the first time (to our knowledge) that the main protagonist is a female with a visible disability onscreen, is amazing. That said, this movie should be one to remember.

Right now the trailer is available for public view on via 20th Century Fox, and it is phenomenal. Having said that, we do have some critical thoughts.

While we'll give you a full breakdown and pre-screening review in the coming months as more details surrounding the film and newer trailers premiere, right now, we're just looking at this particular one.

I was unsure of Shailene Woodley when I first heard she was slated to play Hazel Grace, but held my tongue about it after John gave her his official endorsement for the part. While I have nothing but good things in regards to Ansel Elgort's performance as Augustus Waters, my mind is still not made up about Shailene.

There's no doubt in my mind about her acting abilities- my concern lies more with whether she'll fully immerse herself into the role she's playing. And while that is extremely difficult to determine based on a 2-minute trailer, I can't make heads or tails on whether or not I believe I'm watching Hazel or Shailene. People don't watch Supernatural and see Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, they see Sam and Dean Winchester. And with that comparison in mind, I don't believe my concerns are overly critical or unjust, but it is just one writer's opinion.

Overall, however, the trailer was heartfelt and beautiful as the story is. A rookie director like Josh Boone taking on such an amazing story was a wildcard, but this truly is the modern masterpiece we wanted it to be. At least, that's what it looks like.

The trailer is gorgeous, emotional, and highlights some of my favorite parts of the novel, and while there are noticeable differences that are still somewhat subtle in dialogue, the visualization and chemistry of Hazel and Augustus' relationship is going to be immaculately unfolded in this film.

The movie doesn't premiere until June 6th (also the 70th anniversary of D-Day which is a less delightful but equally important milestone to recognize), but until then, you can pick up a copy of the book, and/or check out Esther Earl who inspired the tale's own story in This Star Won't Go Out.

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