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The Fault in Our Stars

I don’t mind being blind, because without seeing you in the world, I have nothing to see.
I don’t mind being blind, because without seeing you in the world, I have nothing to see.
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Movie "The Fault of our Stars"


You may think, The Fault in Our Stars, would be a very predictable movie about two teenagers in love. You will be pleased to find your first impression was wrong. This is a very well-written, emotional movie; with developments and turns, you would never expect. It delves into relationships of all sorts, from love, to friendships, to parents, to heroes, to heartbreak, and the unwanted relationship a person has with cancer. One of the things you may have heard about this movie, is that it is sad, that is true, and you will walk out with tears in your eyes.

The movie shows the pain of heartbreak, of parents losing a child, of dreams being dashed, of unconditional love, and receiving the results of bad medical tests. In spite of all the sadness, there are moments of humor, of watching someone overcome all odds, of love at its best. This movie will hold your rapt attention from beginning to end.

One of the sayings throughout the movie is, “Pain demands to be felt.” Think about the pain in your own life, either emotional or physical, you can’t ignore it; it demands your attention.

The young man, named Gus, in the movie is seen with an unlit cigarette in his mouth. He explains the unlit cigarette is a metaphor for him. It causes cancer, but he never lights it, because he is not going to give it the chance to kill him. When he says that, you will pause for a moment in your own thoughts, and possibly reflect what in life is trying to kill you? Is it a disease, is it a broken heart, or is it financial problems so great there seems to be no way out? Take a moment to think about the cigarette and understand these bad things in life that are happening to you are there, you can’t wish them away, but you don’t have to light them, and give them the chance to destroy you. In life, we need to take this metaphor to heart, and stop striking the match that lights the thing which is trying to kill us, either physically or emotionally.

The two main characters, Gus and Hazel, both love a book that ends in the middle of a sentence. Hazel describes it as life; it just ends, like in the middle of a sentence. Her dream was to meet the author, and have him tell her how the story ends. Another emotion and relationship are explored upon the meeting of this writer.

The best friend in the movie to the two main characters went blind. He said, “I don’t mind being blind, because without seeing you in the world, I have nothing to see.” That was a powerful a statement of friendship! Most of us have had someone we lost that we loved, and the thought of never seeing them was almost unbearable. As you listen to this young man say those words, it is impossible for your mind not to wonder for a moment, who it is in your life, that not seeing them has left a blind spot in your world?

The movie teaches you that no matter how many people are your friends, or your family; they may love you, but to have someone love you deeply is a rare gift. It is my hope that all of you have one person who loves you deeply, will stick beside you, and never slams the door on your heart.

The most important lesson in the movie is; this could be your last good day, but you won’t know it was your last good day, until it is. May you have many excellent days ahead of you.

Take a box of Kleenex, go to this movie, and learn the lessons about living that this movie so beautifully demonstrates.