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'The Family' (Malavita)

Don't go chasing waterfalls. Just stick to the rivers and the waves that your used to.


By Julie D. Griffin

TORONTO, ON - SEPTEMBER 14: (L-R) Actor Mark Boone Junior, writer/director Daniel Schechter, actress/producer Jennifer Aniston, actor Tim Robbins and actor Will Forte arrive at the 'Life Of Crime' Premiere during the 2013 Toronto International Film Fest.
Photo by Jag Gundu/Getty Images

~ How much is a man's life worth? I'd hand over every last dollar to get my old life back.

A beautiful costume just appeals to some people, according to some directors. And the members of the family, as in mafia differ no less from the rest of a host of other more present and earthbound saboteurs. They rose from an era of when the word crack meant a small and narrow opening. Aprobo. "Might we know what you're doing Giovanni?" "I'm writing." The tangible relativity, "We are the Blake family." It was not a good day for papa, or for the wife and daughter of a family on the run from what a dead relative once did. Michelle Pfeiffer (Maggie Blake) who stars as the wife of one prior mob affiliate, but by now the blonde head teenage girl considers as normal that this is how she lives her life. And perhaps as she thinks of her mother, at least we got each other. They're living in a town that looks like some small town nowhere in France. Add to that that yankees aint too welcome here. And even though his dad a mobster (Robert De Niro), and a graduate of the Stella Adler school of acting, the real life actor once played Vito Corleone in The Godfather Part II, a role for which he won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. The French kids at the new school beat up the teenage boy of the dad of the family now a witness protection program exclusive group. No gangster pun aside, all the violent imaginings of the gangster dead remain just that, as apparently Manzoni practices the art of repeating positive affirmations like the mantra that keeps him from acting out on murderous violence sometimes. But once all settled into the new gated home as in guarded, the gangster dad takes to writing at the typewriter his memoirs. His wife no willing wanton bird of a guilded cage of any type at all, wants to know what made him want to brave a novel of such caliber. But her nerves calm after the gangster family throws a garden party as a social move to welcome the new neighbors around them to a way of life. And it does seem that things do seem to get better, all inefficient plumbing contractors aside. The climax of the film, highlighted by the gangster father honored at a scholarly presentation of Broadway, and invited to critique his work by speech before the audience, he finally lives a dream long stilled by the prison inducted long life of crime forced upon him started at the tender and most impressionable age of twelve. Later, as if to add icing to an already inpenetrable and enticing cake, the only kind of family in the whole wide world where after a public beating, a building explosion, and what with the teenage girl having to protect herself from a bad boyfriend with a tennis racket, later the family work together as a team to destroy and wreak some permanent and dangerous havoc upon bad gangsters on the wrong side of the law ~ The family unit saavy enough to call that just a normal day. Doing fine. In direct congruence, The Millers and yet some anticipatory contrast with the brand new film which stars the highly talented and versatile Jennifer Anniston as the mother of that family, she does a fine job representing a nurture role toward her children. The company type status of the job role differs on the range of the family whose main product violence, and the Millers whose job to smuggle marijuana out of Mexico. Roses you could grow forever, and ivory produce as much as to the gangster father writing books. Airport novels, children's literature, and things like that censure and restrict the federal agents charged to watch over the man and his family. "I knew it wasn't you." He at least spares the poor faithful family dog from execution by live grave buriel. His ambiguity not to make the job of the human guard more impossible, to keep a low profile, and no drama to coin a final pun although the fine art of a Faulkner theatrical the point of the mission, he does along with his family the best to fit in and just as every Rich knows, every family member gets to play the head drummer sooner or later.