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The Falling Birds, Native America- Album Review

Native America EP by The Falling Birds


Ah, to be young and making music. New York City rock band, The Falling Birds has put what feels like the all of their energy into their 5-song project, Native America. On the 5 track EP, listeners will be treated to something so new, yet so familiar. It’s a reminder that sometimes raw energy makes for some great music.

The Falling Birds, Native America EP
The Falling Birds

The trio makes some stripped down rock that harkens back to the likes of Bruce Springsteen, but is easily comparable to newer bands like Deer Tick. The way the vocals drip over the guitar on “If Time Allows”, you can’t help but feel pain and optimism, the kind of music that can only come from either a rejuvenated veteran or talented youth. You can hear the different influences at play, mashing together to create a sound all their own. The storytelling elements of country, the driving chords of hard rock, even the occasional electric lick are all accounted for. Each segment playing their part in harmoniously. There is a surprising amount of diversity to be heard in such a short amount of time.

Due to its length, Native America has less time to make up for its flaws, so the lo-fi opening on “Darling” is likely to turn a few people off. I know I had that issue early on, but once you get into the meat of the song, it’s enchanting.

While not nearly as heavy…yet, I can’t help but get an early Black Keys feel off of these guys. They have the qualities of a band who know what music they want to hear and got tired of waiting for other bands to make it. I for one appreciate the sentiment and the execution.

Native America is slated for a June 17 wide release, but is available on their Bandcamp page for free*
*name your price

Worth a listen: If Time Allows

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