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The Faculty review

The Faculty


It’s an invasion of the extraterrestrial kind! If you take some of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” and mix it with “Puppet Master,” you’ll get something like The Faculty. A parasitic alien life form has landed in a small town and is taking over, starting with the faculty of the town’s high school. A small eclectic group of students must fight back with whatever means possible if they hope to survive.

Geared toward teenagers, this Sci-Fi horror movie is sure to be a hit because, let’s face it, who hasn’t wanted to flaunt the rules and rebel against at least one of their teachers? Even yours truly has had her moment of glory (in the eyes of her fellow students anyway) by flat out arguing with her teacher and refusing to admit to a false crime and take an unwarranted punishment. It’s a moment everyone dreams of and The Faculty plays on those fantasies while adding in more than just cause for their actions.

Elijah Wood stars as Casey, a loser geek who has a crush on the most popular girl in the school. If you thought Usher could only sing and dance, think again because he has a small part in the movie as one of the football players. However, if you’re hoping to see him often or expect him to be important, don’t hold your breath - having him on the movie’s cover is very misleading.

The plot is entertaining and the action is pretty good. There are some points that almost cause a frown such as the budding relationship between one of the students and a teachers but technically it would’ve been legal considering he was 18 years old and nothing happened. Unless you count him nearly killing her as something happening between them.

That brings up the biggest point of concern - although one person in particular had a fatal injury while in the parasitic collective, when the alien was destroyed (this movie was made before unhappy endings in horror movies became popular) it was as if nothing had ever happened to her. She had been decapitated for crying out loud! You don’t recover from that. And it seems doubtful that even an alien parasite would be able to heal a human body like that.

However, if you ignore the little things like that and focus on an alien taking over the town and teens getting to break rules left and right, then the movie’s pretty entertaining.

The Faculty gets a fun 4.5 out of 5 stars.


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