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The Exhilarating Thrill Ride That Is The Movie Short, "SLOANE"!

A Movie Short Film


I have not done many reviews of films from the DMV (DC, Virginia, and Maryland) area, and felt this film warranted one.

Official Movie poster for SLOANE
Rosehaven Production and J.Lane

"SLOANE" is the second short from producer and director J. Lane. The short film (28 minutes) is a suspenseful thrill ride with many twists and turns in the twenty-eight minutes of screen time. Shot on digital, it views in the quality of a studio TV series, and is comparable to “RED” camera shot full length features.

Director and producer J. Lane explains the film, “Sloane is about a news reporter named Sloane that becomes mixed up in a treacherous world of mobsters and crooked politicians in the DC area. The story centers on these two mobsters who are really trying to cement their territory and try to own all the properties around the National Harbor in Maryland. The writer and I thought it would be a great idea to include the National Harbor in the script since it is currently in the process of building casinos there. We don't use the National Harbor’s name. However, the film was centered on and around it.”

Jenny Taylor in the title role of Sloane brings a quality of innocence to the role, which hides the true ambitions of her character very effectively. Taylor shows her acting ability and diversity in the short. Her subtle facial expressions and true to life display of emotional range is a true asset to this film short.

Howard Lyles, in the lead male role playing opposite Taylor is a force to be reckoned with as the gangster Frank Favreau. His projected strength and understanding of the character, yet emotion in his eyes, bring many dimensions to the seemingly ruthless role of a gangster.

Every one of the characters has been well thought out, and the performances of the local actors involved are something for the professionals in the DMV area to be proud of. This film not only displays the insightful and talented writing from screenplay writers Sam Severn and Lawrence M. Balgos, but also brings to light the insightful and knowledgeable direction of local J. Lane. His innate grasp and thorough understanding of the material is evident through the performances of the local actors and crew.

Lighting, sound, principal photography, and talented editing all come into play in a synergetic way with the writing, direction, and talented acting to make this short film a truly thrilling ride. and through

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