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The Eternal Waltz of Jacqueline Kennedy, by Kristin Elizabeth Marshall

Sheaf House Publishers
by Kristin Elizabeth Marshall

Take an imaginary journey into one day in the life of Jackie Kennedy...


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The Eternal Waltz of Jacqueline Kennedy, by Kristin Elizabeth Marshall, Sheaf House, 2011, 144 Pages, ISBN-13: 978-1936438006, $17.99

Take an imaginary journey into one day in the life of Jackie Kennedy, wife, mother and First Lady of the iconic American family of—President Jack Kennedy. Where readers share in Jackie’s joys, sorrows, tragedies and loves,eternal, magical moments recreated by Kristin Marshall’s lyrical prose. Kristin’s narrative begins in the Prelude with Jackie’s memory where she says…

“It is exactly as I remember it. The stone cottage with painted wooden steps, the long, shuttered windows overlooking a crescent of turquoise sea…” There she watches two-day-old baby Patrick asleep in his antique bassinet, before she joins John, John Jr. and Caroline…

From the first “light of dawn,” to their “last supper on the beach,” readers share in one treasured day, moment-by-moment, in the imaginary life of Jackie, John, John Jr., Caroline and Patrick.

Join them on this spiritual journey of what-might-have-been, written with eloquence and lyrical prose. Especially suitable for those who love, remember and feel personally connected to this fairy-tale family who seemed to live in Camelot for a short while.

Back Cover:

Set in the historic and familiar context of what is arguably the most iconic American family, The Eternal Waltz of Jacqueline Kennedy portrays through elegant, lyrical prose a single ethereal day spent in eternity. Jackie Kennedy, together with her husband and children for one final treasured day, takes us on a literary tour-de-force, a spiritual journey that unfolds as she reflects on her life.

She examines both her immeasurable joys and her personal tragedies, not only the love and the losses that spring from the timeless universality of family, but those that arose from that turbulent, triumphant, and uniquely American era surrounding John F. Kennedy’s brief presidency.

The Eternal Waltz of Jacqueline Kennedyinvites readers to lose themselves once more in the nostalgic legacy of Camelot by painting a picture so compelling and so exquisite that it may very well challenge us to recast the scope and the vision we have of eternity.

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