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The ESV Grow Bible!

Crossway Bibles
by Corporate Authors

an excellent resource and choice for youngsters not quite ready to advance to an adult edition of the Bible


Sanctuary’s Easter Sunrise Service, Seattle:

The ESV Grow Bible! Hardcover, Corporate authors, Crossway Bibles, 2011, 1600 Pages, ISBN-13: 978-1433528743, $27.99

The Lenten season celebrates the life, death and resurrection of Christ with a triumphant conclusion Easter Sunday. While there is nothing wrong with the celebration of Easter with Easter egg hunts and baskets the focus on fun may lessen the holy event. Including a Bible in an Easter basket is a gentle reminder of what Easter is really all about.

And there is no better Bible than Crossway’s 2011 ESV Grow! Bible for preteens, 8-12 year-olds and teens. I also think adults would like some of the bible features, such as the timelines in the back of the book that connect the dots and make placement of events and people easy to follow. The English Standard translation, with black on white print and 9.5 font is very easy to read and understand.

Old and New Testament books begin with an overview and timeline that include special features. Such as journalistic “W Questions,” highlighted, two-color notes that answer who, what, when, why, where and how. For example, in Revelation 21 the question, “Why is the new Jerusalem described in terms of a cube?” The Apostle John says, “…the New Jerusalem resembles the shape of the Most Holy Place in Solomon’s temple…”

Another nice feature is “4U” boxes with examples for personal Scripture application. Such as found in Judges 7 where Gideon fought 135,000 Midianites with 300 men, the odds—450 to 1. If a young reader feels overwhelmed and lonely this “4U” reminds them “…the odds are really in your favor…” because Jesus is on your side.

There are also “Cross Connections” that illustrate how scripture points to Jesus in the Old and New Testament. Add age-appropriate articles, charts, glossaries and maps and there is nothing not to like about this full-text, full-featured Bible with beautiful illustrations.

This bible is an excellent resource and choice for youngsters not quite ready to advance to an adult edition. My husband likes it so much he asked if he could have it.

Back Cover Copy:

The ESV Grow! Bible is packed with fun and engaging features that help children learn to read Scripture for themselves. From the creation of the world to the return of Jesus, this Bible will help your kids grow up with God’s Word.

Features include:

  • 775 “W Questions”—answering the Who, What, Where, When, or Why of a text.
  • 90 “4U” boxes—explaining a text and how to apply it to a child’s life.
  • 45 “Cross Connections”—helping readers see how the whole Bible points to Jesus.
  • The complete ESV Bible text.
  • Introductions to every Bible book.
  • Topical articles prepared especially for children with subjects including the Ten

Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer, and the Gospel.

  • Full-color maps showing locations such as the lands of the Patriarchs, the city of Jerusalem, and the places Paul visited.

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