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The Epson Labelworks LW600-P, not a label printer, but THE label printer

Not just a label printer, but THE label printer

Epson Labelworks LW600-P


In the 70’s and 80’s, there was company that made a label maker that you held in your hand. It had a pistol grip and a letter/number dial. You would dial it to the desired letter or number, squeeze the trigger and it would literally put a micro bend in the plastic label that would raise the letter/number. The labels were different colors but the letter was always white.

Now, fast forward. We are graced by the presence of Epson, and the LW-600P label printer. That’s all it does is prints labels, but it does it with such creativity, finesse and even simplicity, that it makes it not just a label printer, but THE label printer to have, hold and love.

Its strongest points are;

  • Portability due to its size, battery operation, footprint and Bluetooth functionality
  • Creativity with its full design software for the Mac/PC/iOS
  • A seemingly endless array of available labeling supplies

First, download the Epson iLabel app in the app store. Now, let’s talk setup. This is going to be a short paragraph. Take it out of the box and install the batteries. Now, hit the power button and do a Bluetooth search on your iOS device. Find it and pair it. Set up is done.

Optionally, you can use the included USB printer cord (Yes, Epson includes one where most printer manufacturer don’t) and download the desktop software. It is available for Mac OS and Windows, and even XP.

This printer has advertised all the bells and whistles and here is the proof that they can walk the walk. There are so many different kinds of label material, from straight white stock, to fluorescent, pearlized reflective, and even glow in the dark, metallic and specific cable labeling material.

Both the iOS and desktop software packages give you the simplicity of just plain old lettering, or the ability to make your labels ornate, with fonts and clip art that make them pop. It is fast, and the output is amazing. The standard labels as well as all that were tested did not curl or otherwise start to come off the surface they were stuck on.

It is small enough to sit un-noticed on a desk or shelf or to fit in a briefcase, backpack or messenger bag to take along anywhere. At full battery use, it appears to have about 3.5 hours of battery time. It has an auto shut off so the batteries are not wasted, nor electricity when plugged in.

This is a Five Star product. Learn more at or see the entire line at

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