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The Elder Scrolls Online-Beta Review

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The Elder Scrolls Online


So last time I reviewed an early stage game, I wasn't too pleased. That being said, I finally received my nice little invite to join the madness of the Elder Scrolls Online Beta, only days after I made my statements about Rust. Now, note that this game is not in Alpha... it's in Beta. This, along with the fact that I happen to think that everything about the Elder Scrolls Series is just lovely, I decided that I should really give it a try. The result: still doing well guys.

I almost typed in Bethesda, however I know better than that. This game is made by ZenaMax. Now, I'm not too upset about this because for such a drastic change of hands that this game went through for development, it doesn't really show. Also, if there is one thing that I do appreciate, it is they followed the same formula for every game thus far: Wake up in a prison with lots amuck around you and you happen to be the ONE person who gets caught in this, you wander around learning the basics and getting acclimated to the game and pick some perks and all the like. My only complaint here, is that it felt like it dragged along. Oblivion shared that same problem and Skyrim sorted that issue out. Come on guys!

Speaking of Skyrim, the game looks a lot like it. They used the same HUD as they did in Skyrim, so if you are a fan, everything is going to be otay. My big beef with the game was that you healed SUPER FAST. I was playing as a wood-elf, not Wolverine. I shouldn't be hit by the lightning of zeus and then just be chilling like nothing happened 3 seconds from the fact. But then again, I didn't get that far into the game so the healing might actually be that fast for a reason.

Another problem Oblivion had that Skyrim sorted out that reverted in this game was that quests don't really find you. I had to roam around more than Frodo in middle earth in order to find any missions that I could participate in and that was by basically just walking into a poor guy's house. I was going to rob him because I can, but instead I ended up looking for his stuff... remind me to use this tactic on people who wander in my dorm room.

I mean, in the terms of the game, it's pretty solid so far. I didn't get the opportunity to go so far into it and that may be my fault, but I wanted to see what this game had in store for me. So far, I was pleased. Character creation was amazing... I'll leave it at that. You want more details, there is tons of videos and demonstrations. I could try to describe how elaborate it is but that will take up as much space as this whole article has so far and I don't think either of us have time for that.

But now, time for me to nitpick this son of a gun. First off, panning and character work is something this game should be ashamed of. I never want to turn on Vertical Sync. I detest it. However, here I was flipping the switch on it... and it did nothing to help me. Turning your view in this game is extremely awkward and choppy and it is far from ready for deployment. Another big problem is finding where to go can be exceedingly confusing and if you are given specific instructions by characters, it is really hard to follow them. The last issue I had, and this one is really important to me, is that the missions weren't set up to be multiplayer missions. I wanted to have the option to do my quests with a couple of strangers. It would of made the experience fun, a merry band of misfits. But no, it followed the generic, kill this guy, do this, collect these items, and hope that nobody else has done it first because if so you have to wait for a half hour for that to respawn. Yikes! Big sin. I already gave a tad of my life to World of Warcraft, you better not give me the same.

Final consensus: Yes, this game is dope. I had fun playing it. It has a bit of flaws that I found irksome but wait a minute... this is in BETA. See this is what I like to hear, I like seeing hope in an early access game. It makes me want to purcha- wait, this is going to be pay to play? *Sigh*. That right there is my problem. Charge 60 bucks and then have it be free guys. I'm not a fan of the Pay to Play model. I'm not saying Free to Play, yikes. But there is no reason why I should have to buy the full game, and then pay every month to play it. It's not a wise decision.

You can pre-purchase the game now on their site!