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The Edge of Tomorrow Review: Wow, Tom Cruise Plays a Character With Humility

Edge of Tomorrow


In all honestly, this writer has harbored a certain prejudice and resentment toward Tom Cruise since the first Mission Impossible movie when Jim Phelps became a bad guy so it could become a star vehicle franchise for Mr. Cruise (the Mission Impossible films would infinitely improve if they killed off Ethan Hunt and let the team members from the last two films take over). The dislike increased after he split from Nicole Kidman, embraced Scientology and became a self-righteous twit. That self righteousness has seemed to bleed into most of his performances.
Tom Cruise’s performance in Edge of Tomorrow, at least after the first few minutes, seems to have toned down and he loses himself a bit in this role. While plenty of other actors would probably have been just as good or maybe even better (Alan Tudyk, Karl Urban, Idris Elba, Richard Armitage, ect) Tom Cruise was actually watchable for this writer. Emily Blunt was also terrific in this film and is one of the actresses today who proves that women can be both beautiful and talented.
The action in this film has the right amount of intensity. There are also plenty of supporting characters that don’t get a whole lot to do, but when they are on screen they are a lot of fun to watch. Brendan Gleeson and Bill Paxton, but play small, but significant roles and do well with the screen time they have.
The special effects are also pretty good in this film. They are CGI, but don’t look CGI. There is also plenty of humor. Between the action, special effects, humor, and characters the film manages to never be boring. There is also a lot of intelligence in the script that encourages, but doesn’t force people to use their brains. Overall, Edge of Tomorrow is a fun movie. This writer didn’t enjoy it quite as much as a lot of the critics she follows, but really enjoyed it nonetheless and understands why so many people enjoyed it so much. She will possibly buy the DVD if she happens to walk by it in the store and has the money. This film would make a good addition to any DVD collection.